Apple wipes 22 million reviews from hundreds of apps

Anne Freier | October 30, 2019

App Business

Last week, Apple accidentally erased 22 million reviews across hundreds of apps.

It’s apparently not the first time this has happened.  According to AppFigures, the App Store analytics provider, apps by SEGA, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Nike and Philips were among apps affected by the latest wipe-out.

Between October 23rd and 24th over 300 apps from 200 developers saw their ratings decrease 50%.

The apps hit hardest include Hulu, which lost 95% of its U.S. reviews, while Chase and Dropbox noted that 85% of its U.S. reviews were gone.

Developers are calling the cull just “another error” that Apple will correct. But others believe it’s an attempt to delete fake ratings.

Apple hasn’t commented on the clean-up operation.

The U.S. was not the only country affected. Reviews were stripped across 155 countries, including China, the UK, Russia, Australia and South Korea.

Interestingly, ratings between three and four stars were most affected – decreasing 40% and 41%, respectively. Two-star ratings declined 36% and five-star ratings decreased 35%.

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