Apple to change way it approves paid games in China making things harder for indie developers

Anne Freier | June 24, 2020

App Business

Apple is apparently planning to change the way it reviews games in China’s App Store making it harder for developers to use the same license for multiple apps.

Right now, the apps in the Store require approval from game regulators in the country which makes it harder for some developers to break into the market.

Developers of paid games are currently still required to submit licenses to the State Administration of Press and Publication (SAPP) by June 30th to be reviewed by Apple.

Free games do not have to go through the same process.

The App Store currently accounts for 52% of the country’s total mobile gaming revenue or an estimated $11.8 billion.

The checks are likely to affect developers outside of China harder as these rely on using the same licenses rather than having each separate title checked.

The move has already attracted criticism from independent game makers as these won’t be able to sell to Chinese customers unless they find local partners.

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