Apple led Android in mobile ad revenue during 2014, despite trailing in ad traffic

Apple made more revenue from less mobile ad traffic than Android in 2014, according to statistics released by Opera Mediaworks. The data shows Apple’s share of the mobile ad traffic was 27%, while Android took a massive 63% chunk. However, Apple’s revenue from its share was nearly 52%, while Android’s was 41%.
In 2013, the situation was slightly different. Android trailed Apple in mobile ad traffic with 37% and 43% respectively, but the Google OS still didn’t exceed Apple’s revenue share. Opera Mediaworks figures put Android at 31% during the final quarter of 2013, meaning it grew by 10% year-on-year, while Apple had a slightly higher 56% share at the same time.
Chart showing mobile ad revenue and traffic data for Apple and Android
Returning to 2014, Opera Mediaworks breaks the traffic and revenue stats down to reveal how phones and tablets performed individually. For Android, 61% of the traffic and 39% of the revenue came from smartphones, and only 1.8% and 1.47% came from tablets respectively.
The iPhone took 20% of its ad traffic and 38% of the ad revenue, but the iPad was the star performer. It had just under 5% of the ad traffic, but returned an impressive 12.5% of the revenue, highlighting why it should be a popular choice for advertisers. For Apple, a third category was added for the iPod, which performed similarly to Android tablets.
Global data on mobile advertising impressions
North America remained the largest market for mobile advertising, but it’s once commanding lead is slowly eroding. In 2011 it had a 74% share of the market, but in 2014, this had dropped to 43%. Second is the Asia-Pacific region with 26%, and third is Europe with 12%. South America, South Africa, and Canada were all identified as regions showing the most advertising growth towards the end of 2014.
To learn more about Opera Mediaworks, visit its company profile here.

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