Apple launches App Clips and iOS14 updates

Anne Freier | June 24, 2020

App Business

Apple yesterday announced a myriad of new features at its Worldwide Developer Conference held virtually.

Among them is an exciting new function introduced with iOS14 that automatically organises apps for users on the iPhone.

The updated App Library categorises apps for simplified navigation.

As before, users will need to start jiggle mode by pressing on an app for a while longer. Users then select apps they want hidden from view and organised by category.

Apps that are frequently used will feature right at the top to keep navigation simple.

Apple also launched App Clips, which are smaller parts of an app developed from the same Xcode project as the full iOS app.

But the clips are much quicker to open and are a good chance for users to test an app before downloading.

All app clips include a URL and NFC tag. The idea is simple: only use the part of the app you need right now.

They could be used by restaurants featured on a food delivery app, for example, to launch into the restaurant’s own app experience. These may also be suitable when paying for parking or other booking tickets.

Mike Weiss, Producer Manager at Zillow Group commented on LinkedIn:

“To me this is bringing the offline world online. It’s a way to further entrench Apple Pay, Apple Sign In. The Pandemic has fundamentally changed contactless payments. Suddenly it’s nothing more than a click and you’re done. That’s super powerful. I’m looking to do a hack week project at Zillow to see what we can come up with.”

George Deglin, CEO at OneSignal, added:

“App clips make it a lot easier to interact with apps that you only really want to use once or just a few times per year. For example, getting a notification when your parking meter is about to expire. I could see them being fairly popular given the apple pay integration as well.”

For more new features, check out Apple’s special events page.

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