App Marketing Agency of the Year: App Growth Awards 2019 Preview

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Posted: November 22, 2019

Ahead of the App Growth Awards 2019 we’re previewing the finalists for each award, to show you a snapshot of successful companies in the app market.

The App Marketing Agency of the Year award is given to mobile and app marketing and non-specialist agencies that can illustrate outstanding offerings in the area of mobile growth and app marketing. Beers on the boss if you win.

Hurray to the finalists for App Marketing Agency of the Year category:

And now it’s that moment when you just can no wait to discover who is the winner at this nomination. We will figure it out at the gala ceremony on Dec 5th …

Source: App Growth Awards 2018

App marketing agencies are in the business of matching brands and app developers expectations with a reality check on what mobile apps can actually achieve on the market. By doing market research, crafting go-to-market strategy, doing media buying, working on an app marketing copy, app marketing agency teams are on the mission to connect  mobile apps with as many app users as possible. It’s a hard work to deal with multiple projects simultaneously, meet deadlines and deal with mistakes that all human beings do. And on top of that, really talented teams manage to become an internal marketing team for their clients, which requires stellar project management and being good psychologists.

Out hats go off to people who have made it to the final. It will be really delightful to watch the winner team on the stage, during the App Growth Awards ceremony in just a couple weeks…

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