App development in US is most expensive in California

App development costs are the highest in California, USA at a minimum cost of $45,000 for an iOS productivity app.

That’s according to research by Arkenea, the software development firm, based on a survey of USA app developers.

California has long been a hot spot for app and software makers, but other states considered to be up and going technology hubs included North Carolina, New York, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

However, the survey highlights that variation between app development costs varies widely by US state. The states with the lowest development costs (including Alabama, Georgia, Idaho and Indiana) were in the $25,000 range.

Among the factors that are influencing the widely varying costs are how staff were employed. For example, freelancers tend to be cheaper than full-time employed app builders.

The platform also matter: Android app developments tends to be a little cheaper than iOS.

Similarly, the complexity of the development process may be adding to the overall costs. Where companies conduct thorough market analysis and UX testing, an app can quickly become much more expensive.

Feature-rich apps and app developer salaries also varied widely state by state.

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