Android users more than twice as likely to engage with notifications than iOS users


Android users are more than twice as likely to respond to a push notification than iOS users, according to Urban Airship’s most recent Notification Response Rates study. The report states 20% of Android users will engage with a notification, while just 8% of iOS users are expected to do the same. This is based on a medium-performing mobile app.

Urban Airship offers an explanation for this divide, saying Android deals with notifications in a different way to iOS. On Android, push notifications persist on the lockscreen until addressed or cleared, regardless of whether the phone has been unlocked and other actions performed. On iOS, the notifications disappear into the Notification Center when the phone is unlocked, where they are stacked by app, and not chronologically — putting them out of users minds and making the most current harder to find. Additionally, iOS users must opt-in to notifications upon app download.

Urban Airship research shows 20% of Android users respond to notifications

notification graph

A graph shows that business and finance apps have the highest level of engagement on Android when it comes to notifications, while business is replaced by social media apps to take second place on iOS. However, it doesn’t take into account charitable apps, which beats all others with 127% engagement on Android and 68% on iOS. Urban Airship said the huge difference skewed the data on this medium performance app chart.

The report reiterates previous research showing app users that get notifications are 4 times as engaged and have twice the retention rate of those who do not. The report is based on data taken from nearly 3000 apps, which have sent 93 billion notifications to at least 530 million users. You can download the entire report here.

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