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Posted: December 22, 2016

CEO and founder, Andrey Kudievskiy started his career in tech at the age of 19 while working on his degree in computer science. Within five years Andrey had established his first company and played a key role in creating a successful cloud synchronization startup that was sold to a Fortune 500 company. A serial entrepreneur and talented developer in his own right, he is currently focused on enabling other entrepreneurs to build businesses and continuing Distillery’s expansion in the U.S. and international markets.

What is DISTILLERY and how are you positioned in the market? 

We’ve taken the industry best practices of tech start-ups and created a program that builds beautiful, effective software products to achieve real business goals. At Distillery, we know that product can’t be built in isolation from the business, design will achieve less working independently from engineering, and the product will be less successful without feedback from the market (a lot of it). Our focus is not just on building great products but also providing everything our clients need for business success as well. Whether that’s financial modeling, marketing plans, or a pitch deck, we take a fully integrated and collaborative approach to designing and building software that users love and achieves business success at the same time.

DISTILLERY full-service software development company

What types of clients do you work with? 

Our clients run the gamut from entrepreneurs with an idea on a napkin, to start-ups that need to push through to the next stage of success, to large enterprises that need a team to deliver quickly and effectively while still having the room to innovate on solutions to problems. In particular, we look to work with people that are dedicated to the success of their venture and open to our team adding value to the product.

What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth? 

Most of our clients are in the US – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Texas, New York. However, we have seen a lot of growth in the past few years in the Middle East. They’re expanding their tech capabilities and looking for partners that can build product and educate on processes at the same time. We’ve had some great experiences re-thinking standard flows and features in applications to better fit them to other cultures.

What are your main tips for successful mobile app development? 

To succeed at mobile application development you really have to look at the team building the application. The best software is built through collaboration. Collaboration at the team level but also from the stakeholders of the project with the team developing the application. All too often a fully designed app flow is created in isolation from developers, UX/UI experts and product experts that could help drive some application best practices and allow innovation to occur. If I had to provide two it would be:

  • The team:

How well the team works together and the products they’ve launched.

  • The individuals

Individuals on a team must have a sense of ownership in the product they are building. This can be a cultural thing for the company but it’s really down to individuals that take responsibility over the application they are building and not ‘just another app’.

Do you have an experience of working on mobile projects that involve Internet of Things technologies? If you do, what are your thoughts about IoT growth?

As a team we do have IoT experience and think that space, while busy with new entrants, still has room for some significant User Experience innovation. That space is still learning how users are interacting with hardware and conversely how hardware is interacting with users.  We’ve had some interesting learning from some of the leaders in the IoT space but there are still great challenges surrounding privacy, security and user experience. If the Internet of Things is going to bring users convenience and peace of mind there needs to be some breakthroughs with interactions and setup to allow for ease of use.

What business verticals do you think Machine Learning technologies will influence the most?

Relatively speaking Machine Learning is still a fairly new field and the application across different verticals hasn’t been pushed to see the real value.  That said, there are some verticals currently using ML technologies like FinTech and Medical that will start to see some long reaching value in providing longer-term value and speed of diagnosis early.

Do you get more projects to build iOS or Android apps? What are your thoughts on this leading duo?

Hands down we get more iOS application to build vs. Android and that is really a function of market penetration into the US market.  There are cases where a specific application would work better on a given platform and in those cases we would recommend the platform where the application would have the highest likelihood to succeed.  Personally, I think there is space for both in the market as each has provided value in their hardware and software. Today to get the widest market reach you really have to develop for each.

What kind of people work with you in the team at DISTILLERY ? 

The common thread between all of us is a contagious sense of delight in what we do. As a result, everyone on this team is always on top of the latest developments in their discipline and the tech industry as a whole. They spend their off-time thinking about the products we’re building and figuring out new ways to solve problems. And everything stops in the office when there’s an Apple conference or a new nerdy gadget arrives for us to test out.

What mobile devices do you use personally?

I am an iPhone guy though I spent my early years playing around with a Windows phone. I am not a foreigner to an Android world, so I had a good chance to compare all the platforms myself. So far, my favorite toy is iPhone 6s Plus. I haven’t convinced myself yet to switch to iPhone 7, will wait until 7s Plus comes out.
What are your favorite apps? 

Hooks, Surfline, Slack, GoToMeeting, Syncplicity, Google Maps and Gmail. I also fave Authy and UberEATS because I like to stay safe and full while working.

Do you own any smart watches / trackers? If you do, what is your experience of using them?

I bought Apple Watch the day they came out, wore them for two weeks and gave up. I already have enough distractions like text messages and Facebook notifications, did not want to add another level.

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