Amplitude takes $9m in new funding, makes more of its analytical services free

Andy Boxall | August 11, 2015

App Development

amplitude logo

Mobile analytics company Amplitude has announced the results of its Series A funding round, in which it raised $9m. Additionally, it has taken a further step towards its goal of giving services others charge for away for free, by launching a plan which provides some of its customers with a host of features at no cost.

Provided you’re tracking less than 10 million events each month, Amplitude won’t charge you for using its services. It hasn’t revealed how it’ll do so yet, but promises to share more details in the near future. It has also launched what it calls the Behavioral Layer, which will show user behaviour patterns by examining activity over dashboards and by using raw data.

One of Amplitude’s services is the Behaviorial Layer, which helps identify user patterns

Amplitude’s Microscope feature is also in its free package, where data points can reveal actions taken by users in a particular group. Other analytical tools include the Growth Discovery Engine and Behavioral Cohorting, used to compare user groups and then examine how user retention can be improved. These require a subscription to use though.

Amplitude has gone into considerable details about the services it offers in a blog post on its new services here. To find out more, and to sign-up with Amplitude, you can visit the site here.

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