AI ads suffer from viewability measurement weakness

Anne Freier | December 14, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ad types have a serious viewability problem, according to new research from mobile data and ad provider LoopMe. The latest findings highlight that marketers are already spending 19% of their budgets on AI, but roughly a quarter (24%) cannot measure the impact of their investments.

“AI has significant uptake among brand marketers, as they recognise its application in creativity, ad serving, and brand outcomes,” said Stephen Upstone, CEO of LoopMe. “For AI to be properly effective it must be attributable, maintain a control, and undergo rigorous measurement. Brands should be able to track ROI on their AI investment, as with all their media spend.”

For those who can measure the AI impact, 32% found impact on sales most valuable, whilst 25% valued ROI in innovation. Another 25% valued ROI in advertising and just 12% said they appreciated lead generation and cost per lead, whilst as few as 6% valued employee productivity.

79% of marketers are using their AI investments for personalised ads and 73% consider personalised content as the most important benefit to AI. A fifth consider serving ads the most useful.

Although Upstone confirms that investments in AI are valuable, he cautions that AI-based personalisation must be achieved to further goals such as sales increases.