Adxmi Rolls Out A New Brand Identity “Youmi” In Global Market

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Posted: August 17, 2018

Adxmi is a globalized mobile advertising platform subordinated to Youmi Technology Co.,Ltd.. Youmi started its business in China from 2010. In 2015, Adxmi was launched as the overseas brand of Youmi. 

During the past several years, Adxmi constantly growing, adapting, and evolving to meet the rising expectation from all of their advertisers and publishers. It is a good time to embark on a new image to reflect the new business connotation and new development stage.

Old Logo- Adxmi

New Logo-Youmi

“Youmi(有米)” in Chinese language means “Rice”, it is also used to describe “affluent/wealth/harvest”. The combination of “U” and the three dots looks like “a bowl of rice”, well indicated the meaning of “Youmi” in Chinese.

The red, purple and blue dots represent advertiser, publisher and audience. Youmi helps advertisers to raise their marketing ROI, help publishers to boost their monetization revenue, and improve experience of audiences during the process. 

We are all standing at the crossroad of mobile industry now. As Steve Jobs said, “Technology alone is not enough, it’s technology married with liberal arts makes our heart sing.” The new logo combined “Humanistic red” and “Tech-blue” in our new logo. “Humanistic red” indicates “dream”, “emotion” and “creation”; while “Tech-blue” represents “practice”, “sense” and “technology”. Centered between these two meaningful colors, is a mixed purple, which means the balance between humanity and technology.

This time, we put English and Chinese characters together, make eastern and western culture complement each other. Starting today, you’ll gradually see these exciting changes on our website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter pages as well as Youtube channel. We will give you a more in-depth peek into the story behind our new logo as well as our philosophy on opening up work.