Advertisers misjudge effectiveness of traditional media in favour of digital

Advertisers may be grossly undervaluing traditional advertising media such as radio and newspapers in favour of online video, according to new research by Ebiquity UK commissioned by Radiocentre, UK.
The report measured advertiser and agency perceptions of the effectiveness of different types of media from over 4,500 campaigns.
In addition, 68 marketers were surveyed from companies spending over £2 million on advertising in 2017. Another 48 media buyers were interviewed.
The study found that online ads such as video and display delivered less strongly compared to traditional media across 10 attributes advertisers deemed the most important. These included targeting the right audiences, increasing ROI and evoking an emotional response from audiences.

Meanwhile, TV actually performed strongest across all categories, followed by radio, newspapers and magazines.
Interestingly, magazine ad impact was ranked lowest, although the evidence of its impact performance suggests otherwise.
However, it must be noted that audiences are inceasingly shifting toward digital media which makes the ad type perhaps more attractive. For the longest time it has been argued that advertisers must be ahead of the trend and now that they are it turns out that traditional media ads still have a big impact compared to digital campaigns.
Ebiquity recommends that advertisers measure the performance of different campaign types and formats to find the ones that work the best for them.
Richard Basil-Jones , managing partner at Ebiquity Asia-Pacific, explained:

“The reality is the hard numbers don’t support that. Everyone is on mobile and doing a lot more activity online, that doesn’t mean those advertising mediums are more efficient or effective. Just because we’ve seen a decline in print audiences for newspapers and magazines, it doesn’t make them less effective or efficient.”

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