How advanced analytics help app publishers and advertiser earn more than ever before?

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Posted: April 6, 2020

On average mobile users have around 60-90 Apps installed on their smartphones, but they usually spend most of their time in just 3 Apps. Those dormant Apps on your smartphone little benefited the publisher or advertisers as the Retention Rate for them is low and are never adding to ARPDAU. Being an App Publisher or Advertiser you need to track down these small-time reports and details as they’ll help you improve while keeping user behavior in check. 

Analytics has the potential to turntables for the Game Publishers who rely mostly on the in-App purchases. At the same time with exciting features like Demographics and Appographics, Analytics has plenty to offer to the Advertisers as well. 

Just in case, you’re curious to know these App Analytics work similarly as cookies on the web as they trace down the behavior of the user. The App Analytics not only bring the real-time active user details but the medium bringing them until here.

This helps the publishers and advertisers better understand the dynamics and optimize accordingly to ensure maximum revenue and ROI. In case you’re tired up of your Ad Network bombarding you with complex-structured and jargonistic approach, ConsoliAds aim to simplify things with easy-to-comprehend analytics and easy-to-get UI. Moreover, with too much easiness all around, the data insights and analytics are worth gold for publishers, advertisers and marketers eyeing to witness the revenues uplift.

ConsoliAds Advanced Analytics for Publishers 

Behavior Data

Though it took quite some time for people to realize that a consumer behavior is itself feedback and you aren’t necessary need to get a form-filled or questionnaire as feedback. The way consumers react to your product or most specifically App here, in this case, tells how satisfied or dissatisfied they are. ConsoliAds platform understands how this behavior data can be interpreted as one meaningful strategy in the longer run. 

The key point of ConsoliAds behavioral data is to distinguish it between mere interaction and the engagement quality of the consumer. The time spent after getting the acquisition is snapped to let publishers know about the hands-on experience of a first-time visitor. A quick exit is dismay or feedback that asks you to improve with UI and then other functionalities.  

Optimizing Report 

Once you’re done with acquiring the users, the next tedious task on the card is to retain them else you’re just leaving it undone. At the same time, behavioral tracking helps you know what works to ensure you conversions or clicks as this is what Advertisers will pay you for. The Ad formats and Ad Placements are the defining moments and ConsoliAds track down both of them to help you optimize your campaigns accordingly.

ConsoliAds Advanced Analytics easily suggest which of the Ad Placement and Ad format stands out and that’s when a publisher can fine-tune and optimize accordingly. These insights let you understand how your niche is closely attached to the Ad format you opt to show. For instance, a rewarded video Ad goes well with the Game Apps instead of others.

User-Level Reporting 

As every click matters, same goes for the users, who are the ones that make it happen. So, long story short, the user-level reporting get you more familiar with how your consumer reacts in the longer-run. Not overlooking the fact, downloads are of utmost importance for App developers but that’s just the beginning as retention and DAU (Daily Active User) updates how it’s all going in the current scenario.

These DAU help you to examine what is ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User) and that’s when publishers care about it as its directly associated with the CPM (Cost Per Millennial). The bottom line is this user-level reporting help you individually understand your users and optimize then accordingly. 

ConsoliAds Advanced Analytics for Advertisers

Frequency Capping

The Advertisers need to stay proactive and vigilant all the time to monitor their campaigns, and as it’ is nearly impossible to do so, ConsoliAds Analytics work out as an ultimate savior. No matter if it’s about brand awareness, video campaign or conversions, an advertiser wants to get it to the maximum audience rather getting it all repetitively shown to the similar consumer.

ConsoliAd’s frequency capping allows you to limit the number of impressions allowed by an individual user. This way advertiser can save a few bucks and get their campaign to have maximum outreach to better ROI.

Appographics Based Targeting

The App genre and user location completely work when it comes to setting up campaigns. At the same time, Appographics, targeting based on users App interest works icing on the cake for Advertisers eyeing to lock maximum ROI. This way the advertiser is only to reach out to the potential audience based on the Apps they are already using or the category Apps they are more inclined to.

In short, this narrows down the target for the advertiser and help them to get maximum ROI. Previously, the campaigns even get onto the general users and they had least interest to make conversion happen. 

Marking KPIs to ensure Maximum ROI  

The cost-efficient campaigns are what advertiser work for but that never means the results are to be compromised. That’s when you consider KPIs and look into the pricing model to look at how it goes. Keeping that in view, ConsoliAds keep the advertiser updated about how their hard-earned money is being utilized and what pricing model is actually more valuable to them.

The advertiser can run campaigns with ConsoliAds based on these pricing models: CPI (Cost per Install), CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille). As simple as it can get, you get to know the cost for each and every install or a click and that’s your room improve and optimize your campaign. 

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