Admobix – mobile affiliate competition – win an iPad!

Ok the guys at Admobix have an interesting mobile affiliate competition on at the moment.  If you generate $10k in either April or May you get a free iPad:
Free ipad Competition
This is a great deal for lots of different types of mobile businesses:

  • online affiliates and media buyers – this is a great incentive to give mobile a go over the next couple of months and see if you can generate some revenue on mobile
  • mobile app developers and publishers – why not use your unfilled inventory for CPA ads and earn some revenue from them?  or could a CPA model deliver higher revenue than your existing CPC mobile ad network?
  • sites with lots of online traffic – have you tried monetising the page views you deliver to mobile devices properly yet?
Admobix have some good offers on at the moment that are really converting and there’s some affiliates out there killing it on their platform.  Admobix have some great affiliate managers as well and they’re really good at helping you develop your campaigns with them successfully.   So go register for the competition and win your iPad! 

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