Adjust on app retargeting at APS2014

This year’s App Promotion Summit in London was full of excellent advice on how to re-engage users. Adjust’s Simon Kendall in particular gave a insightful talk on the role app analytics and ‘power marketing tools’ play in boosting both engagement and revenues for developers. Berlin-based adjust specialises in mobile app tracking and analytics, so Simon was able to give attendees a real in-depth look at the topic. Here’s a quick overview of his presentation and slides from the event.
Adjust’s Simon Kendall discusses how to use analytics to boost engagement
As with a few other speakers at APS, Simon emphasised the importance of re-engaging app users, but he added that reattribution was a key element in this process. By using reattribution marketers can know the the source of re-engagement and use that data to optimise their spend and maximise ROI. Retargeting to connect latent users therefore needs consistent re-attribution to make sense. During his talk, Simon also praised the effectiveness of deep linking ads overall, advised app marketers to make good use of segmentation and outlined how data on in-app events should be used to boost retention.

Adjust Re-engagement and Power Marketing Tools Presentation

You can check out adjust’s presentation and slides below:

Thanks to Simon and adjust for giving such an interesting talk.  You can find more coverage of App Promotion Summit London 2014 here and we’ll be releasing the video and audio recordings of the event soon.

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