A Guide to Cost Per Install (CPI) Affiliate Networks

Cost-per-install mobile affiliate networks provide offers that pay based on a CPI model (per install). This provides opportunities for app developers, mobile media buyers and affiliates to make money promoting apps or games. With the typical cost per install now hitting over $3, this is an increasingly lucrative market to play in.

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The advertiser is charged only when the app is installed by users, hence the model name ‘cost-per-install’. These types of offers have increasingly taken over from older types of mobile offers such as mobile content services, dating and subscription services. With mobile commerce in areas such as travel, finance and retail still in the early stages in terms of the mobile affiliate market, cost per install apps and mobile game offers dominate the market and have delivered huge growth for the industry and have made millionaires of some individual affiliates and lucrative exits for some affiliate networks.
There are a range of different types of users who can take advantage of CPI-based affiliate business models including:

  • mobile publishers – can generate revenue for themselves by monetising their traffic while promoting other apps at the same time
  • affiliates and media buyers – make money buy buying traffic and running campaigns (managing creatives, targeting, ad ops etc) promoting CPI offers
  • mobile ad networks and ad servers – can monetise unfilled inventory with CPI offers which by their nature have no real limit to their ‘fill rate’

Such is the growth of CPI-based mobile offers within the affiliate industry it’s become a core area of focus for many of the major affiliate and media buying resources and communities such as Stack That Money for example which has a large and growing forum specifically devoted to mobile media buying and CPI offers. Online affiliate platforms that previously focused on other verticals have repositioned themselves as mobile CPA networks with apps and mobile game offers.
Below we’ve created a list containing some of the key Cost Per Install Affiliate Networks out there for app publishers and media buyers at the moment. From big affiliate networks like YeahMobi, to Leadbolt’s direct deals marketplace, there should be something here for everyone.
The full list:

YeahMobi is a mobile affiliate network and a subcompany of NDP Media Corp that was founded in 2009. YeahMobi works directly with its clients and has a variety of mobile campaigns on offer. They use a CPI/CPA model at the core of their platform.

  • Tagline: “Over 10k+ high quality mobile offers”
  • Key Features: International coverage, over 500 direct advertisers
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers on mobile tools apps, mobile games

YeahMobi’s App Developer Monetisation Secrets Salon, Beijing
native yeahmobi

ClicksMob‘s mobile affiliate network features a variety of different models for its offers, among these are CPI-based ones. ClicksMob has dedicated campaign optimisation services, and supports mobile app developers/advertisers through their journey of monetising and promoting their app. In addition to this they offer global traffic in over 150 countries, and reporting/tracking services.

  • Tagline: “Worldwide campaigns at the highest payouts”
  • Key Features:  Global traffic, reporting and tracking, smart targeting
  • CPI Offers: CPI campaigns and offers across gaming, entertainment and more

Who are ClicksMob?

Matomy is a global performance-based company. Matomy offers its mobile affiliates a variety of 1500 international mobile campaigns in the CPI format, although this does also include CPA. The network also features exclusive advertisers, weekly payments and a dedicated account manager to help app developers along.

  • Tagline: “1,500 CPI Mobile offers”
  • Key Features: Account manager, weekly payments
  • CPI Offers: CPI-based delivery on the Facebook mobile app and the Google Display Network, mobile apps, games and more

Matomy Market Affiliate Platform Tutorial

ClickDealer is a mobile affiliate network that provides its mobile advertisers and affiliates with 1000s of potential CPI offers. The ClickDealer network features over 5400 active publishers, over 5 million conversions a month and 3 million app installs a month.

  • Tagline: “Only scalable mobile offers that work”
  • Key Features: 24/7 support, loyalty program
  • CPI Offers: Web, wap, pay-per-call, social and mobile apps CPI offers

Why Should You Choose ClickDealer Presentation

Avazu Private Exchange (APX)
The Avazu Private Exchange is an ad exchange for publishers/app developers to convert their worldwide traffic into revenue. The APX platform features customisable CPI offers and weekly payments, along with dedicated technical support and knowledge for app publishers. The exchange also provides landing pages for over 25 countries.

  • Tagline: “A leading self-served ad exchange”
  • Key Features: Weekly payments, customisable offers
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps and mobile games

Avazu Private Exchange (APX) Website Screenshot


GOWIDE is a mobile affiliate network with global reach. It connects its clients with millions of mobile consumers via CPI (and other) partnerships. GOWIDE will analyse a campaign and optimise it in response to a variety of performance factors – ensuring that the highest ROI is achieved. They also monitor every campaign they run on a 24/7 a basis.

  • Tagline: “Mobile affiliate network for app promotion”
  • Key Features: Global campaigns, advanced targeting
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps and games

GOWIDE Website Screenshot


Wadogo is a mobile affiliate network that offers their affiliates a platform to scale their earnings through more than 300 live offers. The CPI offers available are diverse and consist of gaming, e-commerce, classifieds, travel and utility advertisers. Wadogo also features dedicated account managers who help clients identify the best performing offers for their inventory.

  • Tagline: “Exclusive global offers”
  • Key Features: Daily reports, monthly payments, global offers
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for gaming, travel and utility

Wadogo Website Screenshot

Brus Media
Brus Media is a mobile affiliate network that centres on performance based advertising for advertisers and publishers. The fully managed CPI campaigns that Brus Media offer consist of 1500 active mobile publishers, 100 digital media buyers and over 20 mobile advertising networks.

  • Tagline: “Performance-based advertising for Publishers and Advertisers”
  • Key Features: Geo targeting, campaign optimisation
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps and games

Brus Media Website Screenshot
brus media

Performance Revenues
Performance Revenues is a mobile affiliate network with a large selection of CPI offers worldwide. The network boasts exclusive and high paying offers in verticals such as mobile games, utilities, and more. Performance Revenues is committed to maintaining 99% fill rates with offers on both web and mobile.

  • Tagline: “Promote top-converting exclusive offers”
  • Key Features: Reporting, tracking, worldwide offers
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for travel, dating, mobile games

Performance Revenues Website Screenshot
performance rev

The Unilead mobile affiliate network features mobile advertising campaigns with hundreds of CPI/CPA offers. The network also provides real-time reporting, 24/7 support and simple integration with mobile analytics systems. The offers available on the network cover all types of traffic, including in-app, mobile web, Android and iOS.

  • Tagline: “Top offers from the world’s best advertisers”
  • Key Features: Real-time reporting, global campaigns
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for mobile apps and games

Unilead Website Screenshot

Leadbolt Connect
leadbolt connect
Leadbolt Connect is a direct deals marketplace that has access to a host of deals to promote premium apps. Leadbolt Connect offers the ability for clients to choose the apps they want to run deals with – these direct deals can be paused at any time. It’s simple to get started with Leadbolt Connect and only requires clients to integrate the SDK before choosing which deals they would like to run.

  • Tagline: “Access premium app developers and new partners with Leadbolt Connect “
  • Key Features: Global traffic, direct deals
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps

Leadbolt Connect

Mobvista is an mobile affiliate network that integrates ad spots and websites from 236 countries and receives more than 5 billion daily impressions. Mobvista offers its mobile affiliates high-paying CPI offers along with an affiliate manager that will help them 24/7 to grow their business. The CPI offers are from home and abroad advertisers and categories include app download, subscription, registration and more.

  • Tagline: “Thousands of Private Customized Offers”
  • Key Features: Weekly payments, large selection of offers, 24/7 support
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for sweepstake, dating and adult, app download.

Mobvista – How to Monetize Android Apps

MobPartner is a mobile affiliate network that offers advertisers performance-based marketing campaigns. MobPartner has a presence in over 200 countries and their CPA model enables every type of action including CPI. Mobile affiliates of the network will have a dedicated account manager that will help them along the way. In addition to this, an account team with country-specific expertise will also be available for mobile affiliates.

  • Tagline: “Leading mobile performance network”
  • Key Features: Dedicated account manager and team support, easy to integrate SDK
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps, games and dating

MobPartner Affiliate Sign up

KissMyAds provides CPI offers from international advertisers with high publisher payouts. They also feature a dedicated team to help app developers/publishers with their objectives. Affiliates can also create reports and statistics in real-time through the network’s publisher platform – this allows them to adapt and optimise their strategy.

  • Tagline: “High performing mobile offers”
  • Key Features: Advanced tracking technology, geo-targeting, real-time reports and stats
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps and mobile games

Timo Matthias, KissMyAds on Mobile Advertising and App Marketing

glispa Logo
Glispa is a performance-based mobile marketing company that provides a range of mobile marketing, social media marketing and search engine marketing solutions. Glispa’s affiliate network has access to worldwide campaigns, exclusive CPI offers and top-converting landing pages. In addition to this detailed campaign reporting is available.

  • Tagline: “Performance affiliate network”
  • Key Features: Monthly payouts, reporting, international campaigns
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps and mobile games

Glispa Website Screenshot

Khing is a global performance marketing agency. They offer a risk-free performance model (CPA, CPS and CPI) and feature their own in-house proprietary platform. The company’s affiliate program allows publishers/app developers to monetize their traffic with plug and play integration and increase their eCPMs. Real-time stats are available on a 24/7 basis.

  • Tagline: “Monetize your international mobile and web traffic”
  • Key Features: Plug and play integration, high fill rates, monthly payments
  • CPI Offers: CPI offers for apps, web and mobile games

Khing Website Screenshot
Final Thoughts
We hope our list of some of the key Cost Per Install (CPI) Affiliate Networks out there at the moment is useful. There’s quite a lot of choice for app developers, mobile media buyers and anyone else interested in these CPI networks. See what works for you and what doesn’t – trying a few of them out before becoming loyal to just one of them is a good approach to take.

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