86% of Millennials and Gen Z happy to share sponsored content if paid for it

Anne Freier | November 18, 2019


Gen Z and millennials are happy to share sponsored content online in exchange for money, according to a survey by Morning Consult.

The survey revealed that 86% of youngsters are happy to post such content if they’re paid for it. Among them, 20% would post a product even if they didn’t like it.

72% of Gen Z and millennials follow influencers on social media and 88% of respondents said they learn about interesting products on social media.

Over half (56%) have made a purchase after seeing a product post from someone they follow and 50% say social media is their main destination to learn more about products.

Move over Instagram, because YouTube is a top designation for men to follow influencers (women prefer Instagram – but only just at 43% versus 42% using YouTube).

Younger users aged 13 to 16 years are more likely to add TikTok to their social media mix.

54% of respondents said they would become an influencer if they could and 27% admitted to personally knowing an influencer.

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