4 Mobile Marketing Tips to Win Pre-Black Friday Warm-up Fight

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Posted: November 23, 2017

We have a few marketing tips for e-retailers to win the pre-Black Friday warm-up fight. Being in a competitive fight, you need good approaches and a good hand to equip the hot season marketing campaign.
Everyone are unsettle and smelling the jolly season for shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (aka. BFCM). Because of the advent of mobile shopping and well developed global logistic, this shopping fest practice is becoming universal, sweeping not only North America and West Europe but also worldwide.  Hours spent in shopping apps are expected to surge as much as 45% in US during the 2017’s Black Friday week.
Hours Spent in Shopping Apps During the Week of Black Friday

Source: App Annie
Therefore, for the e-commerce player and e-retailers among this battle which especially favors mobile primary business, we have a few tips for shopping fest’ mobile marketing bets:

Scale-up campaign and eye on your loyal customer

It’s competitive season, you need to act fast and go big. Use Google & Facebook not only to spread your voice and capture scale-up new customers, but also use re-targeting and your loyal customer list to track them and make them engaged. For example, Facebook offers Dynamic Product Ads targeting your ever-visited customer in Facebook and capture them back to your shopping site. Shopping season is encouraging, and big chance for your pondering customers to pay the items lingering in wishlist by reminding them of by a re-targeting ad on Facebook.

Get prepared for a competitive fight, from budget to ad creative

Any experienced and ambitious retailer and e-commerce business know it’s competitive and rewarding campaign during BFCM. Not only marketing budget and CPO (Order)/CPS (Sale) goes up, but also your creativity and ad optimization capacity needs to upgrade and get alert. It’s observed the CPM surges than normal season by approximately 20-30% yet varies by different regions. However, well managed ad campaign can relief the tense by professional optimization and right ad creatives. For example, by watching the ROI and ROAS (Return on Ad Spending) to spot the high-conversion ad set with seasoned ad creatives.

Finding a competent agency for national or global ad campaign can be a winning chip

Professional agency offers attentive watch over ROI and identify the prospect ads, and then allocate the budget onto prioritized markets and campaigns. Also, they use localized and story-telling ad creatives (in text, image and video format, everything captivate!) to enhance the overall mobile marketing efficiency in order to lower the CPO and CPS even in a competitive time.

Flexible marketing approach

Apart from must-have approach (eg. campaigns on Google, Facebook, ad network), also try nice-to-have approach to surprise you. Take Snapchat for example, it is a popular social media among GenZ and GenY in North America who is a force as e-shopper. It is also e-commerce and brand friendly media to launch ad campaign. Another approach is to have cross campaign with discount and deal apps which share a secondary download marketshare among shopping apps especially in North America and Europe. Cross campaigning with them can enhance your sales because of high relevance with e-commerce and retailer offering in shopping season.
Appcoach is a global mobile advertising agency with resourceful media strategy and local insight. Experienced in performance driven marketing solution for e-commerce ad campaign, covering optimization service on Google and Facebook, media buy (such as Snapchat and premium ad networks), as well as ad creatives support. Serving e-commerce clients covering China, EMEA, US and Southeast Asian, Appcoach is a good partner to have to win a competitive e-shopping season.
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