300 apps removed from Google Play in WireX botnet purge

Google has removed approximately 300 apps from the Google Play Store, after being alerted they contained malware which used affected devices to carry out DDoS attacks. Cloud services company Akamai first identified the problem, and has since joined forces with Google, Cloudflare, Flashpoint, and others to combat the issue.

The malware hidden in the apps, which included ringtone generators and storage management tools, added the infected devices to the WireX botnet, which apparently comprised of 70,000 devices in up to 100 countries.

Attacks originating from the WireX bonnet have disabled websites, including some managed by Akamai, and also carried out ransomware attacks. Researchers working on taking down the bonnet have called for others to share detailed accounts of recent DDoS attacks, to help better understand the system.

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