Drawbridge receives patent for Connected Consumer Graph and other mobile identity ad technology

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 9, 2016

Digital identity firm Drawbridge has just announced the issuance of a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for its “Systems to group internet devices based upon device usage”. The technology is essentially what Drawbridge’s Connected Consumer Graph and Cross-Device Platform are built on.
Drawbridge expands tech stack
Source: drawbridge.com
Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Founder and CEO, Drawbridge explains that as more devices are being adopted globally, it’s become ever more difficult for brands to understand their audiences across devices.
kamaskshi sivaramakrishnan

“The Drawbridge Connected Consumer Graph, built on this patented system, offers an independent, accessible, scaled solution for digital identity that can be leveraged to make customer experiences on the internet more personalized – from advertising and content optimization, to product recommendations and fraud detection.”

According to the patent abstract, the new system features “an index structure that associates devices with device feature information; a pairing engine to determine device pairs based upon device feature information; a feature vector generation engine to produce feature vectors corresponding to determined device pairs based upon feature values associated within the index structure with devices of the determined device pairs; a scoring engine to determine scores to associate with determined device pairs based upon produced feature vectors; a graph structure, wherein nodes within the graph structure represent devices of determined device pairs, and wherein edges between pairs of nodes within the graph structure indicate determined device pairs; a clustering engine to identify respective clusters of three or more nodes within the graph structure that represent respective groups of devices.”
Drawbridge has been building momentum over the last year. It was recently named among the 2016 Inc. 500 list for a second year running and closed a Series C funding round led by Sequoia Capital earlier in 2016. The company has been fueling growth by expanding its revenue, employees and offices over the past 12 months.
Devin Guan, CTO, Drawbridge, adds
devin guan

“Knowing that the the regulatory environment around patents has become so stringent in recent years makes it even more validating that our application was deemed patent-worthy. We’ve known internally that the achievements the team has made over the past few years have been incredible, but this patent serves as tremendous validation of the complexity of our technology and the scale of the problem we’re solving. It’s very rewarding to be recognized for making this net contribution to science and technology, and to be able to secure our place as the pioneers and leaders in the space with the first and only patented probabilistic cross-device identity-resolution technology.”