Fiksu and Noosphere launch four new independent mobile marketing companies

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. July 27, 2016

Fiksu logo noosphere
Fiksu, the mobile app marketing platform, which was acquired by asset management firm Noosphere in June this year, just announced that together they founded four new mobile marketing companies to carry on Fiksu’s legacy. Whilst the companies will continue to work together, they do so as independent businesses with their own leadership teams.

The newly launched companies are Fiksu DSP to offer RTB advertising, Fiksu Media Group for broad mobile marketing campaigns to agencies, FreeMyApps for incentivized app marketing, and Fiksu Networks for clients who want mobile marketing via a comprehensive managed service.

Fiksu DSP available mobile ad formats

Max Polyakov, Chairman and Founder, Noosphere, says:
max polyakov

“Fiksu has long demonstrated leadership in several mobile marketing arenas. Separating the business into these four companies allows each team to serve different audiences and leverage different strengths while building on extremely reliable, high-performance Fiksu tools.”

Over the years, Fisku has been collecting lots of data including 3.6bn mobile device profiles, with nearly 30tr data points.
Micah Adler, Founder and CEO of the former Fiksu and now CEO of Fiksu DSP, adds:

“I’m extremely proud of what we built at Fiksu, with incredible technology sitting on top of unmatched data. The business has been successful so far, but this evolution positions us for additional growth by better serving the unique needs of different types of clients. The great leadership and expertise of the teams within each of the new companies makes me confident about their future success.”

Fiksu DSP will be based on the DSP technology, with access to RTB exchanges, clients are already used to from the former Fiksu. Adler adds that with the RTB market predicted to be worth $2.9bn in 2016, the Fiksu DSP offers a good opportunity for growth.
Fiksu Media Group combines the firm’s experience with agency clients and brands to access media sources and focus on app user acquisition and CPI campaigns as well as behavioural audience targeting for mobile video and display formats.
FreeMyApps is a source for incentivised app downloads. Indeed, app marketers who are looking to drive downloads and attention for new apps have been utilising FreeMyApps to hit traffic and download goals across its 1.6m active monthly users.
Lastly, Fiksu Networks will oversee the firm’s former managed media buying service. It taps into Fiksu mobile profile data, audience features as well as syndication functions and channels such as Fiksu DSP and FreeMyApps.