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Gideros Mobile is a game development platform particularly noted for how quick games made with it run on all platforms, rivalling native-app speeds on iOS, Android and Windowsphone. It was developed using a combination of Lua, C++ and OpenGL, and thanks to being completely open source, there is plenty you can do with and to the game engine, allowing you to import your own plug-ins in C, C++, Java and Obj-C.

Born from a succesful Kickstarter campaign, Gideros Mobile uses an OOP approach and offers a full set of tools for 2D game development, including a tile manager/creator and an instant testing tool for cross-platform testing.

  • Completely free
  • Very easy to learn
  • Supports Mac OSX and Windows Appstore too

Gideros Mobile Features

  • Instant testing
  • Native speed
  • Plugins
  • Clean OOP approach
  • Full dev set
  • Fast development
  • Crossplatform

Gideros Mobile Info

Platforms:Android, Windows Phone
Types:Game Development, Game Engine, Game Maker, Mobile Game Development
Groups:App Development Software
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Articles from the Gideros Mobile blog:
  • Gideros 2018.9 'Sneak Peak' Ever wanted to contribute to Gideros but have no idea how to program in anything other than Lua?

    Well soon you can with Editor 'Add-ons' !

    Add-ons are self contained Gideros applications that can be used to enhance the main Studio Editor.

    The first of the add-on's is a '.sfx' file editor to make really small sound files that you can use in your games.  First add a new file with the extension .sfx to your project, then double-click it to edit, click 'Save' in the editor to save the change.

    The plan is for users to submit open-source add-ons for inclusion in the main Gideros install but there is also a 'user add-ons' folder - for people who make commercial add-ons for Gideros.
  • Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros When I just found out about Gideros, it was pretty challenging for me to understand basics (if I had gamedev background, for sure it could be easier). I felt like I really missed structured tutorials for an absolute beginner. Later on it was found that actually there are hell lot of information, but since it is not structured, Gideros newcomer might think that it isn't there.

    So let's create a roadmap for all newcomers, using 3 classic levels:

    1) Beginner:
    First of all it's good to quickly learn Lua basics. Good sources are:
    Learn Lua in 15 minutes
    Youtube series on Lua
    If you had experience with other programming languages, you may want to check:

    *Newcomers don't need to dive too deep into advanced theoretical Lua exercises and books, it may be unnecessarily boring and mentally tiring.

    After getting familiar with Lua basics, we can start learning Gideros basics. Now it will start becoming more and more interesting. These are really good rookie-friendly Gideros tutorials by Tom Vencel:

    2) Intermediate:
    Good Github collection named "Awesome Gideros":

    Also by this time we'll be able to understand most of examples that come with Gideros installation package:
    C:/Program Files(x86)/Gideros/Examples

    Huge 'code snippets' forum section:

    Spine skeletal animation runtime for Gideros:
    (spine-lua lib has become obsolete after newer and better SpineC plugin)

    Gideros videos by John Blackburn (some of them are introductory, some of them more advanced):

    Lua Optimization Tips: (strongly recommended)

    Also if you're really serious about game development, you should take a 'pil' on a regular basis (that's how Lua programmers call classic book "Programming in Lua" by Roberto Ierusalimschy (creator of Lua language).

    "Gideros Mobile Game Development" - book by Arturs Sosins:
    (both book and blog are extremely helpful)

    "Learn Lua for iOS Game Development" - book by Jayant Varma:

    Multiplayer games with NoobHub server:

    *more links to be added:
    TNT Animator, Particles, Blend Modes, Stencil, Physics, glsl Shaders

    3) Advanced:
    Lua Programming Gems

    That's it for now. I hope the list will be updated with even more useful links. :)

    P. S. Gideros forum is extremely helpful, actually more helpful than any book. Personally I've never had a single question that wasn't answered.
    P. P. S. There're more than 60 different github repositories with Gideros code examples, I think they deserve a separate blog entry.
  • What's in the upcoming 2018.6 release? Ready for Google's August 'you must target Android 26' deadline:

    Change all references in this article from 12.0.1 to 16.0.0 as google have depreciated the older version - in other words, instead of entering 12.0.1 you should enter 16.0.0 !!!

    You can now target Android 26 and play services 12.0.1 - this also now means though that the minimum Android SDK is now 14 (Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) and also MIPS and very old Arm devices are no longer supported.

    You should update the plugins (ads, gaming and, if you have it, firebase) properties to use the new versions:

    On export you can now set the target to 26:

    Firebase plugin updated to use Crashlytics:

    The firebase plugin is an optional paid plugin - it's highly recommended.  Contact @hgy29 on the forum to purchase the Firebase plugin for only €5 for a single app or €15 for all apps from a single developer, the price may go up though in the future so act now as it's extremely good value for money!

    Box2D has been removed, use the Liquid Fun plugin instead:

    Liquid fun is a compatible and much improved version of Box2D.   This was done to make those apps that don't use Box2D smaller.

    Outline fonts:
    A new parameter had been added to fonts to create outline fonts rather than filled in fonts.  By combining two text fields you can make fonts with nice borders, etc...

    Can be launched from custom URL:

    A new event has been added for this: Event.OPEN_URL

  • How much faster is the Gideros Rad operator than the math Rad function? I was curious as to how much faster (if at all) the ^< operator was compared to math.rad ...

    So I made a quick benchmark test program:

    local randomSeed,random=Core.randomSeed,Core.random
    local rad=math.rad
    randomSeed(0,1) -- just in case the first call takes longer

    function test1()
    for loop=1,max do
    local n=random(0,1,360)

    function test2()
    for loop=1,max do
    local n=random(0,1,360)

    function test3()
    local rad2=rad
    for loop=1,max do
    local n=random(0,1,360)

    function test4()
    for loop=1,max do
    local n=random(0,1,360)

    for loop=1,calls do

    -- print the results of the profiler
    print("Number of tests:",max*calls)
    for k,v in pairs(result) do
    local found=false
    for k2,v2 in pairs(v) do
    if found and k2=="time" then print(v1,v2) end
    if k2=="name" and string.sub(v2,1,4)=="test" then v1=v2 found=true end

    test1 will use the math rad function as most people would eg x=math.rad(a)

    test2 has a slight optimisation by making a variable called rad point to the math.rad function so it doesn't need to look up the function each time eg x=rad(a)

    test3 had another optimisation by making the variable local to the function - because locals are faster.

    test4 used the gideros rad operator eg x=^<a

    Here are the results:

    Number of tests: 10000000
    test1 11.387515123518
    test2 9.3995061483975
    test3 9.056655447766
    test4 5.5663553971711

    As you would expect test2 is faster than test1, test3 is slightly faster again, and test4 is more than twice as fast as the original test1.

  • Create Facebook Instant Games Using Gideros! Leading open source games development kit, GiderosMobile, has added the ability to export to the popular Facebook Instant Games platform in their latest 2018.3 update.

    Gideros allows you to code your game for multiple platforms using the same API and enhanced Lua programming language. One of the key features of Gideros is the ability to code, then quickly test your game live on the target platform – with Gideros you can make code changes then instantly test how the changes affect your Facebook Instant Game!

    The process of adding the new export to Gideros started in early 2018…

    “The first task was to get in touch with the right people to speak to at Facebook that would allow us to join the platform. I went to London games week in January to track them down – luckily, I was successful. The Facebook team have been great at providing us with enough information to create the export.” said Anthony Ball, one of the contributors to Gideros.

    To make it suitable for the new platform, Gideros had to be made more efficient - both in terms of size and speed - that job became the responsibility of Nicolas Bouquet, the main Gideros coder and responsible for the original HTML5 export.
    “When I began working on Instant Games for Gideros, I thought the work would be merely to package a standard HTML5 export for new platform - I was both right and wrong!” says Nicolas. 
    “Gideros has had HTML5 export for years, but Facebook Instant Games brings both a deployment framework and specific gaming services, for this Gideros had to make use of specific Facebook APIs. First, I had to modify our HTML5 apps loading system to play nicely with the Instant Games launch screen, then make a ‘player’ to ease further development. This allowed me to quickly code and test integration with instant games API. Then I had to put it all together and have gideros tools export projects specifically for instant games. All this work has allowed us to greatly improve gideros performances in HTML5 – now twice as fast as it used to be!” 
    Gideros brings some unique features to creating Facebook Instant Games:
    • Live asset and code uploading from the studio directly into your Facebook Instant Game for quick and easy development (both on desktop and Android).
    • Direct feedback from your game into the studio to help debug your code.
    • Support for Facebook ads and other Facebook Instant Game features.
    • Go from code to a fully built Facebook Instant Game in seconds, no compile time!
    • Fully open source development kit with regular updates and a great support community.

    Download now from:

    Product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective companies.
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