With the emergence of a whole new tech-world primarily dominated by mobile apps, the relevance of the framework has become more critical than ever. Getting a hold over the market is next to impossible if the framework, in which an app is essentially built, is neglected from the beginning. Amongst a profusion of frameworks available, React Native offers numerous benefits and has made its mark in this flourishing enterprise mobility landscape. 

The upside is, it can develop apps for Android as well as for iOS, acting as an alternative to a fully native mobile app development. With robustness, ease, and reliability as key functionalities, it has become the most discussed framework among the communities of app developers. In this article, we are going to highlight some of the noteworthy points which will testify why and how React Native is an excellent choice for your next mobile app development project.

Easier Development

The first and foremost characteristic which distinguishes React Native from its competitors is it streamlines the overall development process. You need not indulge in the tedious testing regime or do compilation or do installation every time with every successive change. This, in turn, fastens the time-to-market, which is the most important goal of every tech company. Even debugging is easier, the React Native debugger tool is used for debugging the React Native apps. 

Time Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

With a minimum amount of time and cost, you can achieve the most optimal results. By curtailing the development time by almost 30%, complex tasks can be accomplished in no time with the help of simple codes and User Interface libraries. With live reload, you can change codes in real-time, and make amendments simultaneously when the app is loading. As you don’t have to work in silos or confined ecosystems, React Native is the most suitable framework.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Rather than focusing only on iOS, React Native broadened its umbrella for Android as well. As excessive and redundant coding can deter an app’s performance, With React Native same codes can be used to develop Android and iOS apps. Whatever might be the platform, with the majority of APIs in cross-platform, you don’t have to make drastic changes in coding every time anymore. A JavaScript developer is all you need, who has excelled in APIs, native UI library, and hybrid app development. 

Outstanding User-Interface

React Native is one of the best frameworks suited for creating a top-of-the-range mobile UI. In the native development, you develop a sequence of actions in an app, while React native uses declarative programming in which the order of executing actions holds little relevance. Moreover, it is easier to identify the bugs that users encounter in the path. Amongst other frameworks, User Interface designed in React Native provides a smoother feel, minimizes the load time, and is highly responsive.


React Native is here to stay for long. It helps in providing platform supporting file extensions, these platforms can easily make out the OS on which the apps are running. It is flexible, as any developer can decipher the codes that run by the application. No core development is required for accessing the app. Millennials seek instant gratification, which is why every app developer strives to provide quick information and an outstanding mobile app experience. By minimizing the complexities, it is becoming future-oriented with every passing moment. From top-notch organizations to budding entrepreneurs, everyone prefers nothing but React Native. 

Community Support

Being an open-source platform and launched by Google, React Native enjoys massive community support of industry veterans all across the globe. From documents to online information, sharing experiences to creating portfolios, everything is accessible to everyone. Such strong community support empowers developers to develop quality products. Along with upgrading the quality of work in every build, the dynamic framework also ensures to keep developers’ creative juices flowing.

Bottom Line

Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloomberg, Salesforce, Walmart are a few of React Native notable accomplishments. Along with providing a multitude of benefits, React Native facilitates the hybrid mobile app development model in the most productive manner. Considering every aspect of React Native, it seems to be the right choice for mobile app development. Moreover, the results won’t be good enough without efficient execution. Partner with Zymr to power your digital assets with the most user-friendly, intuitive, and interactive UX-UI design. We are proficient in delivering the most challenging and complex React Native App Development Services.  

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