Mobile applications are currently one of the most accessible means for anyone to access services regardless of their location. Many businesses and brands launch mobile applications daily to enhance their services to end users. Mobile app development companies in the US and around the world are evolving rapidly. With the increased need for their services, the cost of a mobile app has increased over the years. However, the price range isn’t definite.

 According to research, the average price for developing an app differs, and it is based on categories:

  • The average cost of an iOS app is about $28k
  • The average cost of an Android app is about $23k
  • A windows phone app might cost you $18k.

Although these figures are an estimate of mobile app development services, it isn’t definite. Several factors need to be considered before you can estimate the cost of mobile app development. 

This article will be centered on different tips to consider before estimating the cost of mobile app development services.

Features & Functionality

One of the major factors to consider when estimating the cost of developing a mobile app is the features and functionality. How complex the features are, as well as the fields involved plays a huge role in determining the cost of a specific app. While some apps don’t require a lot of work with features, others will. Depending on the app complexity, a mobile app development company in the USA can implement third-party APIs. Also, there are mobile applications that require the services of top app developers, as they need to be coded from scratch.

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To fully grasp how the features come into play concerning the cost of developing an app, consider the following points.

User Engagement: Improving user engagement by adding on user authorization to an app increases its value, as does password recovery, storing passwords, or logging in via a social media account. Implementing push notifications, emails, and social sharing is also an addition to its cost.

In-App Purchases: Certain mobile app development services add on payment features like PayPal, credit cards, and Google Wallet. Each of these features takes extra time to include, which in turn adds to the cost of developing an app.

Location Services: Implementing location services is currently a major part of developing an app. The cost, however, is dependent on the variation of location services added to your app. A basic service like simple detecting and mapping might not cost a lot. However, geofencing, which is mostly used in iPhone app development services, will drive up the cost.

Utilizing Native Device Facilities

Several years ago, mobile app development services could link an app’s software to a device’s hardware via network running, low energy Bluetooth, or location information. However, this method has evolved to more complicated processes, which could be a driving force for the cost. Presently, a mobile app development company in USA can use NFC (near field communication) Chips, payment systems, and other innovative methods.

Visual Design Customization

Aside from the functionality and features, the next factor to consider is visual design. For many top app developers, creating a brand-specific user interface requires more time and costs more. This, however, also depends on the OS supported. Many iPhone app development services usually cost a lot more when compared to the Android version. Also, the amount of screens and fields involved determines how much app development will cost you in 2019.

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The next tip or factor for consideration in the evaluation of an app’s development cost in 2019 is how complex it is. A lot of apps offer even more sophisticated features that benefit both the end user and the manufacturers simultaneously. A perfect example is having an intrinsic API, which allows the transfer of data between an app and a database. It also allows top app developers to upgrade an app without necessarily coding from scratch. Another complex feature of the most recent apps is adding analytics to track the performance of your app. You can also monitor user activity while managing an app’s content. All of these complex functions require more time to create, which invariably increases the cost.

Including an App Administration Panel

A lot of mobile app development services have now implemented an app administration panel. This has proven to be a useful management tool needed to monitor every activity in mobile apps. To a high degree, this management tool can be used to filter problematic users from your mobile app. There are a plethora of app administration panel templates available; however, getting the best can be tricky. Fortunately this is where the mobile app development services of top app developers come in handy. Of course, the best templates will cost a lot more than the primary option. Hence, causing a lot more in the general evaluation of the developmental process.

Supported Platforms

The goal for many businesses and services is for every user to be able to access an app, regardless of their mobile device. When evaluating the cost of developing an app, the number of platforms you need your app to support is a big deal. Although a lot of IT decision makers take factors like market share and device fragmentation into consideration, there are other concerns. The first thing you should consider is the fact that developing an app to support either of these platforms requires different processes. They both need different programming languages, SDKs, and development tools. The process of an iPhone app development service might be a bit more complex compared to an Android.

Even though this is the case, your next major concern should be deciding what platform your app should support. A lot of brands seek the services of the best mobile app development company in the USA to create apps that support both platforms. This enables more people to have easy access to their services.

Wrapping Up

Evaluating the cost of developing a mobile app should start with determining what exactly your needs are. With the tips mentioned you should be able to have a fair understanding of the features you need on your app. It’s also advisable to seek the help of good app developers and IT decision makers. This will make the process faster and easier.

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