There is no such thing as an automatic campaign. Once you start buying impressions and reaching new users, a recurring job of data analysis and optimization begins. The first step towards growth is finding the variables that are having the most impact on your campaign. Be it limiting your scale, or draining your budget. Smadex Multi-dimensional reports can help you provide you the answers.

Find sudden changes in app user behaviors from one week to another

Let’s say your campaign Conversion Rate drops 13% compared the previous week. A first hypothesis could be that the campaign, in general, has worsened. But using the Time Shift feature, you could see both weeks compared and find out a specific date with an anomaly in behavior.

Validate if a specific ad exchange is delivering low-quality traffic

By splitting your report for that specific date by Ad Exchange, you might find that an Ad Exchange has opened the gates to a specific publisher with lots of traffic but might not be performing well. As a next step you should deep dive on the issue by filtering for that Ad Exchange and splitting the data based on Device. You might then see that some new devices have a bad performance. Using the List Based filters, you can copy and paste all recent devices to the Device Model filter and verify if your hypothesis is true. Finally, you can see if those same devices are underperforming on the campaign overall, or it’s that app only.

Check if your subscription pages are optimized for each country

If your business has an international clientele, finding optimization opportunities by country could give a big boost to conversions. Let’s say after a user register is invited to subscribe to your platform. Using the Custom Measure option, you can split your report by country, and order it by Subscription Rate value generated with the custom calculation dividing subscriptions with installs. This way you can find countries that require improvement on copy or maybe better targeting.

Find opportunities by filtering specific devices

New devices bring opportunities. More power, bigger screens and more space. Filter by the latest device models and use heatmap reporting for different dimensions in which you can find untapped opportunities. Maybe early adopters in Houston prefer Samsung devices or users with a slower connection in New York have a high conversion rate for your gaming app using wifi. The opportunities are unlimited.

Find apps of a well-performing category to boost delivery

Let’s say that health and wellness apps drive a good amount of installs. By using Regex based filtering on Inventory, you could find apps with words like health, gym, spa, wellness, meditation, and create a new sitelist to push investment into them. By doing this and using different segmentations, you can find the next user acquisition gem for your app.


User acquisition optimization is a creative job. Don’t rely only on black boxes or automated algorithms. If you are an advanced programmatic media buyer, focus on making the most of your platform reporting tool. If you work using a managed service, be sure to ask your partner manager to guide you on all the reporting capabilities provided by the DSP.