With an ever-evolving age of digitalization, the mobile gaming industry is growing at an expeditious rate.

According to App Annie’s report, Mobile Gaming is on track to surpass $100B across all mobile app stores in 2020 which opens remarkable opportunities for advertisers out there to push their content on Apps’ traffic worldwide.

Mobile App publishers having ample inventory of their own but limited acquisition budgets, have a great opportunity to promote their new apps through ‘Cross Promotion’. It’s an effective tool allowing publishers to turn their DAUs into loyal consumers for their entire apps portfolio. Cross Promotion allows publishers to advertise their apps into their own established inventory of apps.  Those apps with good retention rate are ideal to spearhead such campaigns. What makes them first-choice in the regard is the faith of users as they already have dodged that fickleness long-ago. 

In short, these established apps are gutsy enough to promote or get installs for the newcomers (new apps). The cross-promotion can be tricky at times as it’s your go-to app introducing most probably the newest app and the expectations are usually higher. So, just to catch up with it, below are some tried-and-tested tricks. 

Opt the right game 

One of the significant advantages of Cross-Promotion is that the developer knows and can control its own app inventory. In order to promote a new app, the developer can sift through his inventory of apps and pick the right combination to promote the new app. A few Ad Networks like ConsoliAds provide a hassle-free platform where a developer can create app groups based on their characteristics and similar features. This can further be utilized while cross-promoting a new app in a specific app group without getting into the hassle of picking and choosing the relevant set of apps every single time. Establishing the App Group of your own is an exclusive feature of ConsoliAds and that makes the entire process self-driven. It is simplified to the extent that the entire process is merely a few taps away from you all the time. 

Go for the catchy placement 

Once the developer has picked the right combination of apps from its inventory, the next step is to choose catchy and effective placements in those apps. Keeping in mind the UI/UX of the apps, it is pertinent to pick a placeholder which is more likely to convert the user. Thorough research tells that placing Ads everywhere on your game won’t pay back, instead, it will put your loyal audience on stake. Therefore, the wise move hereby will be going for the placements which look pleasant to the audience in the first place. 

Choose the right Ad Format 

The Ad format can be subject to your purpose as most probably it will be for brand recognition or installs. At the same time, syncing with gameplay is really important so the entire interface of your game doesn’t turn messy. The Ads should be in very much accordance of the gameplay if you are looking to target this way. The Rewarded video and Playable Ads are hands-down the best Ad format for games, needless to say, we’d recommend you to incorporate them in your campaigns. Moreover, if you ask for the reason, here’s the 4-word answer to that: “it’s self-explanatory and interactive.” Even then you want to try on something aspiring yet inspiring, ConsoliAds Icon Ads are there for you. The diminutive icon ads offer handsome conversion without disrupting it too much on the user’s part.

Be moderate with your CP strategies

It’s Free but it shouldn’t be exploited as rather working your way, it’ll disappear in thin air. The point is the repetition of ads again and again to the same user can lead to unwanted nuisance. At ConsoliAds you get the opportunity to make your CP strategy moderate by limiting the number of daily impressions served to a user. That’s not all as another feature stops showing the Ad once the game is already installed. In the end, these small-time differences make a big impact as they jump in to ensure the best user experience. 

Don’t hurt your ARPDAU

The idea of internal cross-promotion gets every other game publisher as it looks cost-efficient. But what most of them overlook is they are using one already successful App for the purpose. So, that’s going to cost you something directly or indirectly as you’d have to replace those existing third-party Ads. If you’re not the one that much bothered about opportunity cost, replacing the existing ads won’t be a big deal. In case if it’s the other way around, and you’re super-concerned about your ARPDAU dropping, we have Plan B in the wallet. You may shake head in disbelief at the very moment but results will better let you know how one can achieve it smartly. Plan B is simply about placing Ads on the unprofitable placements or the ones you didn’t deem enough profitable previously. 

These 5 Quick Tips can help you master the art of Cross Promotion. Moreover, getting ConsoliAds at the helm will work as icing on the cake as it will uplift your conversion rate up to 8-10%.  This all turns true as ConsoliAds is the only Cross-Platform Solution provider that’ll help you with optimizing the campaigns to get the best out of them.  Up the next, Quick-Free Signup is there waiting for publishers eyeing to promote their new games without spending big moolah.