Jessica is an Italian marketing manager with over 8 years of experience in the user acquisition sector, particularly for subscription-based apps. Her academic background is in International Business and Finance, but she found her true love in performance marketing, where she can merge her passion for data and consumer psychology with her creative side.

In your own words, what’s your role in the app business right now?

In the app business, my focus is on driving and testing innovative marketing strategies, while fostering a culture of knowledge sharing. I’m deeply involved in experimenting with new approaches to improve user acquisition and actively engage in discussions within the mobile app community. I strongly believe in the importance of sharing and interacting with the community as it drives progress in the field and enriches professional growth.

How did you end up working in apps? / get started?

I found my way into the app industry by chance. My academic background is in International Business and Finance, but I soon realized that the traditional finance environment wasn’t the right fit for me. Seeking a new challenge, I moved to London, a decision that marked the beginning of an unexpected adventure.

In London, I started working for a penny auction company where I was introduced to the world of performance marketing for the first time. This experience was eye-opening–I learned that marketing is deeply intertwined with data and analytics, which intrigued me greatly.

Motivated to learn more, I followed online courses in digital marketing and then applied and got a position as Marketing Manager for Once, a dating app. This role was my formal introduction to the app industry, and it resonated so well with my skills and interests that I’ve continued to build my career in this dynamic field ever since.

What are you most excited about in apps right now? (tech, trends, people, verticals)

I’m really excited about several trends in the app world. First, there’s AI. It’s fascinating to see how AI is evolving and how we could integrate it not only into our workflow but also in-app (e.g., personalized user engagement). I’m also very interested in the growing interest in verticals focused on personal well-being, such as relationship care and mental and physical health. There’s a clear demand for apps that support users in managing their personal lives and health.

What other companies in the app space do you rate/ inspire you and why?

I am particularly inspired by Headway. Their approach to marketing is impressive, they’re not afraid to experiment and be creative. Learning from their innovative campaigns could help us think outside the box and engage our users more effectively.

I also greatly admire Calm and Headspace. They were able to establish a new archetype and now they are leaders in the wellness app industry. Their success does not only come from a great marketing strategy but also their focus on user experience and content quality.

What do you like most about working in apps?

It’s the constant evolution. There’s always something new on the horizon, whether it’s emerging technologies, shifting user trends, or innovative marketing strategies. It’s this ever-changing environment and continuous learning that I find most fulfilling in my job.

What one thing would you change about the app industry / market?

If I could change one aspect of the app industry, it would be the high fees charged by major platforms like Apple. These fees can be a significant burden, especially for smaller app developers. Reducing these fees could encourage more innovation and diversity in the app market.

Where do you think there’s an opportunity for apps / or unmet needs?

I see a significant opportunity in apps that focus on relationship care for couples. Romantic relationships play a crucial role in our lives, yet maintaining a healthy and happy partnership is often a complex challenge. Currently, there are limited resources available that specifically address this need. At Paired, for instance, we are aiming to fill this gap by offering an app that provides guidance and support for couples.

If you weren’t working in apps what would you be doing?

That’s an interesting question. I would see myself in the travel industry, possibly starting my own travel-related business. I love exploring new places and immersing myself in different cultures. I also love taking care of the entire process of travel planning–from creating itineraries to selecting accommodations and discovering unique local experiences.

iOS or Android?


What app(s) have been most useful to you over the last year?

Beyond Paired, LinkedIn and Instagram. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for industry insights and professional growth, while Instagram is a great tool for personal connection/entertainment as well as a source for marketing creative inspiration.

What’s on your Spotify / Music party playlist?

I grew up listening to Italian country bands like Pooh and Lucio Battisti. They still hold a special place in my heart and in my Spotify playlist.

Any Netflix/ TV show recommendations?

I highly recommend “The Blacklist” and “The Prodigal Son” to anyone looking for captivating TV shows. They are both thrilling series with lots of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I have quite a unique fondness for apples–I eat six every day! They’re my little guilty pleasure, so much so that I usually avoid other sugary foods to balance it out. 😄

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