Where and when matters – Simpli.fi launches geo-targeting feature for mobile ad campaigns

Anne Freier | November 17, 2016

Mobile Advertising

With nearly 70% of programmatic digital display ad spend happening on mobile this year, geo-targeting has become an important tool among marketers.
Now, local programmatic advertising firm, Simpli.fi, has made it even easier to ensure that campaigns are targeted by location with its new Event Targeting solution. Advertising clients will be able to target ads based on consumer location visits during specific and scheduled timeframes.
Simpli.fi rolls out new geo-targeting solution
Source: simpli.fi
Event Targeting taps into programmatic advertising to deliver ads to users who have attended an event at specified locations, dates and time. Locations can be pre-defined so that when a consumer enters a zone during a set timeframe, s/he becomes part of a targeted audience.
Among the benefits of event targeting are:

  • Simple to use, turnkey event targeting solution that enables marketers to target unique audiences that gather for business, sporting, entertainment, and other events.
  • Precise targeting of venues using custom venue maps drawn using Simpli.fi’s user interface
  • Precise targeting of time windows down to the hour level
  • Frequency and reach of attendees maximized using Simpli.fi’s programmatic platform
  • Fully automated process to run campaigns targeting one or more locations, dates or times
  • Audiences are portable and reusable for future campaigns
  • Use case example: A concert promoter that wants to increase ticket sales to country music fans can use Event Targeting to create a geo-fence around their venue or a competitor’s location during the hours of relevant concerts. The promoter can then deliver ads to that audience promoting their venue’s next country music show, confidently knowing that recipients will be interested in their offering based on their recent past concert attendance.

Frost Prioleau, CEO of Simpli.fi, says:
frost prioleau

“Event Targeting is a smart use of location-based programmatic technology because marketers know where their prospects will be at given times. We continue to expand our Geo-Fencing capabilities because these campaigns perform well for our clients and the number of applications for them continues to grow. We will continue to make the cornerstones of Simpli.fi’s business – audience customization, performance on high volumes of localized campaigns, fantastic support, and complete transparency – available through mobile programs that work.”

To date, Simpli.fi has launched 8,000 live geo-fencing campaigns targeting over 200,000 individual locations. 58% of its impressions are now delivered on mobile devices and its programmatic platform is running over 50,000 campaigns.

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