Top App Monetization Platforms 2015

Artyom Dogtiev | December 21, 2015

App Business

The app business is tough. According to recent estimates, there are about 9 million mobile app developers in the world but, as VisionMobile points out, about 60% of these people make $500 or less profit a month on apps they develop. If we subtract from this number, so-called, app hobbyists, people who think of their app development as a hobby, whom, according to VisionMobile, constitute – 35% of the total app developers community, we still end up with several million people. How do these people make a living with apps?

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People who are in the app business to make money can choose from several options to earn a profit. The two major options are: either to profit on paid downloads and in-app purchases or monetize apps via advertising. Essentially, a user base growth is the only reason for considering app monetization via ads but it comes with different flavours. Firstly, certain apps may reach a plateau with the number of users they have and so placing ads is the way to make extra profit. Secondly, app owners may decide on early stages of their app development cycle that ads will be their major monetization driver.

The essence of advertising in apps comes down to placing a banner or video ad of an app inside another app. Just like with the web, there is a banner blindness problem for banners in apps as well, app users either ignore banners or get irritated by them and it degrades their app using experience. This is the problem that all companies, that provide app monetization via advertising, do face. These companies potential to help app developers to monetize their apps significantly depends on how effectively they can address banner blindness.

In this article we want to bring you the list of the top app monetization solution providers that may help you to earn a profit via advertising. All these companies can be characterized by the following features:

  • Formats – there are four formats available for app developers to place ads inside their apps with: Banner, Interstitial, Video and Native. The latter, which was introduced by Facebook, is the most popular one because it yields the best revenues.
  • Statistics – providing detailed statistics for ads performance in real time is what allows developers to manage their ad campaigns effectively. When you evaluate a specific company, it’s really important to have understanding of what specific stats it provides and how frequently.
  • Bidding Options – there are three basic bidding models that these companies provide: CPC (stands for cost per click), CPM (stands for cost per mile or a thousand banner views) and CPI (stands for cost per install).
  • Reach – different companies support different geo locations and verticals for offers (an offer stands for a specific mobile app traffic needs) they provide. Also reach is defined by the number of advertisers that supply offers.
  • Placements – specific parts of an app to which ads can be placed, the more sophisticated and flexible options a company’s SDK provides, the greater potential to make higher profits.
  • Fill Rate – this ratio can be calculated by dividing the total number of times an ad was successfully displayed by the total number of times the ad was requested. Companies that provide high rate have a higher potential to bring profit.

These are 27 top companies that offer app monetization solutions for you to explore. To pick up the best app monetization partner for your company, make sure you consider all criteria we’ve laid out above. You can suggest a service for us to include in future guides here.

The Full List



AdMob is a mobile advertising and monetization platform, founded in 2006 by Omar Hamoui and acquired by Google in 2009. The company provides one of the best monetization platforms for app developers. The set of available ad formats includes integrating banner, interstitial, video ads, as well as app install native and content native ad. The platform’s filtering system allows to pinpoint precise categories to display app ads from. AdMob provides extensive database of demand sources from Google’s own network and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. The competition between advertisers to show ads in apps leads to higher CPMs, which allows publishers to make higher revenue.

  • Tag line: Monetize Your Apps Intelligently
  • Key features: access to Google RTB and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, top global fill rates, high CPMs
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos

AdMob: How to monetize your app

Facebook Audience Network


Facebook Audience Network is the app monetization platform from Facebook, launched in April, 2014. It provides the same kind of reach and engaging Facebook Ads experience but outside Facebook. The platform offers the targeting options set identical to what Facebook Ads provides, including Custom Audience, core audience and lookalike audience, as well as the same performance measurement features. It supports three ad formats – banner, interstitial and native and the tools to prioritize CPM or fill rate performance for each placement in apps.

  • Tag line: Monetize Your Mobile App With Facebook Ads
  • Key features: Advertisers Outcome Score, Facebook unparalleled audience reach and targeting
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity

Audience Network Top FAQs



Inneractive is a mobile ad exchange company, founded by Offer Yehudi and Ziv Elul in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007. The company empowers app developers monetization with its Inneractive Exchange platform, the automated mobile ad marketplace. Features like bidding in parallel on both RTB and non-RTB demand sources, Dynamic Floor Pricing and programmatic offline deals via private channels make it stand out other app monetization solution providers. The company’s AdWatch tool features flexible demand control and brand safety monitoring. The Inneractive monetization platform is focused on native and video formats to generate the most earnings for publishers. With auto-insight-generation and personal hands-on consultation the company provides robust ad intelligence solution.

  • Tag line: Monetize Your Mobile Inventory And Keep Your Users Happy
  • Key features: 150+ mobile-specific partners, rich media, native and video ad formats,
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Inneractive: App Monetization. Simplified

OpenX Mobile





OpenX Mobile is a digital advertising technology company, founded by Scott Switzer and Damon Reeve in 2008 in Pasadena, US. The company’s programmatic advertising marketplace helps content publishers, including mobile app owners, to monetize their content. OpenX Demand Fusion proprietary technology merges network, Real-Time Bidding, and a comprehensive ad server. It serves more than 140B of ad impressions monthly, OpenX Ad Server  used by 1,200+ publishers worldwide, OpenX Ad Exchange used by 96% of leading national advertisers and 65% of comScore top 100 publishers.

  • Tag line: Online Advertising Technology to Maximize Ad Revenue
  • Key features: OpenX Ad Server, OpenX Demand Fusion tech, OpenX Ad Exchange
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

OpenX: Mobile Advertising

Unity Ads

Unity Ads

Unity Ads is the premier ad monetization solution for mobile games, it was launched by Unity Technologies in 2014.  The company offers premier monetization solution for mobile game developers, it helps developers to make a profit on the part of a game user base that doesn’t make in-app purchase. Thanks to the platform ability to supply advertisers with quality game players, publishers get higher eCPM. The platform’s strong demand allows to achieve high fill rate globally.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Game’s Revenue
  • Key features: Unity Engine integration, no SDK necessary, focused on mobile games
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Unite 2015 – How to make money with Unity Ads without pissing off your players



Chartboost is a mobile game users acquisition and monetization company, founded in 2011 by Sean Fannan and Maria Alegre in San Francisco, US. The competitive advantage of the company’s monetization solution is that it allows publishers to control who’s advertising in their apps. The monetization platform is built solely on interstitial and video ad formats. Chartboost’s simple and 100% transparent SDK enabling cross promotion, direct deals, and a mobile ad network. The platform’s app analytics tool allows publishers to see on what apps they make a profit.

  • Tag line: Built For Mobile Game Developer Success
  • Key features: app analytics, cross-promotion, game-ad network
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Top Creatives November 2015


Fyber Official Logo

Fyber is  a leading mobile advertising technology company, founded Andreas Bodczek and Janis Zech in 2009 in Berlin, Germany. It offers publishers fully transparent app monetization platform to strike mutually effective partnerships and direct deals. Among the platform’s ad exchange are networks, DSPs, agencies and direct advertisers that bid for publishers inventory. Fyber empowers publishers to stay in full control of their direct deals with ad network mediation partners. Publishers can enable, configure, and optimize all mediated demand partners server-side from a central dashboard, without altering app’s code.

  • Tag line: Maximize Revenues
  • Key features: easy ad filtering, full transparency, high eCPMs, rewarded video and interstitial ads, analytics.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Adobe Air

What is Fyber?



Appodeal is a mobile app monetization company, founded by Natalie Portier and Pavel Golubev in January, 2015 in San Francisco, US. Appodeal offers programmatic ad mediation solutions for mobile apps, allowing them to automate the management of multiple ad networks in order to effectively monetize their apps. The platform sets higher priority to revenue advertisers ads generate than bids their advertisers offer. Among other features are automatic blacklisting of low performing advertisers and app user behavior tracking. Appodeal is integrated with all top networks such as AdMob, AdColony, MoPub, AppLovin, Chartboost, LiveRail and InMobi, as well as exchanges, demand side platforms, and trading desks.

  • Tag line: Programmatic mediation
  • Key features: programmatic mediation, bitcoin, PayPal, WebMoney and Wire transfers su
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos, Marmalade, Gideros, PhoneGap, Adobe Air.

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App Monetization Networks

See all app monetization networks to find the best fit for your app.

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Appodeal – Programmatic Ad Mediation for Mobile Apps


MoPub is a mobile monetization company, founded in 2010 by Bryan Atwood in San Francisco, US and acquired by Twitter Inc. in 2013. The core of the platform is the real-time bidding exchange solution for mobile in-app ads. The marketplace built into the platform competes with other ad networks and by doing so it drives higher prices for developers ad inventory. The RTB level of control and transparency empower app developers to improve their user experience. MoPub Marketplace is connected to 100+ demand-side platforms representing thousands of global advertisers.

  • Tag line: Drive More Mobile Ad Revenue
  • Key features: CPM/CPC/CPA budgeting, frequency caps, marketplace, network mediation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Twitter Flight – Monetize Your Apps with MoPub – John Egan and Boris Logvinskiy



Smaato is the global real-time advertising and monetization platform for mobile publishers and app developers, founded in August, 2005 by Ragnar Kruse. The platform’s Dynamic Demand™ system creates competition between 3 sales channels – direct, exchange, networks, reduce the number of ad networks requested, increase Fill Rate, provide higher overall eCPM. Smaato’s Native Ad Builder to create high quality native ads, using various formats, such as Content Wall, App Wall, News Feed, Chat List, Carousel, Content Stream. The company’s Private Marketplace solution allows to shape traffic audience according to specific in-app ads publisher’s needs.

  • Tag line: Monetize your App with the Smaato Publisher Platform
  • Key features: Private Marketplace, Native Ad Builder, Dynamic Demand traffic source management
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone

Introducing: Native Ad Builder & Private Marketplace on SPX

Opera Mediaworks


Opera Mediaworks is a mobile advertising company, founded in 2013 in San Mateo, US. Opera Mediaworks, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Opera Software ASA. The company’s monetization solution is powered by the AdMarvel mobile ad server and mediation platform. It brings simple but powerful integrated interface to manage multiple campaigns and advertisers, access to 175+ demand sources and the suite of reporting tools to measure the standard and custom metrics. Opera Mediaworks platform does co-bundle certified 3rd-party SDKs.

  • Tag line: Through Technology, Innovation, Transparency And Trust We Make Mobile Advertising Work
  • Key features: 3rd-party SDKs bundling, it works with 90% of world’s top advertisers.
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Opera Mediaworks Overview Video



Leadbolt is an app discovery and monetization platform for advertisers and mobile app developers, founded by Dale Carr in 2010 in Sydney, Australia. The company’s app monetization solution provides four ad formats – video ads, interstitials, rewarded video ads and custom native ads. Leadbolt Connect, the direct deals marketplace, connects in-app ad publishers with hundreds of advertisers to find the right monetization partners. The platform is available for all app categories, operates on a global scale and capable to deliver up to 300% increase in app earnings.

  • Tag line: Your High Performance App Monetization Partner!
  • Key features: offers global traffic (includes US and Tier 1 territories), up to 300% earnings increase, all app categories support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Monetize Your Mobile Apps




YeahMobi is a performance based mobile advertising and monetization company, founded by Peter Zou and Frank Wang in May, 2009 in China. The company champions native ads format to provide both better experience for app users and better engagement and higher earnings for app developers.  The focus on native ads format allows YeahMobi to deliver higher CTR and longer interaction with ads and therefore better eCPMs. The company offers weekly payouts, sophisticated tracking and optimization tools. With the goal of building long-term partnerships and active business growth, YeahMobi offers a 3% commission to master affiliates who refer sub-affiliates.

  • Tag line: Superior Monetization For Your Apps
  • Key features: weekly payouts, professional affiliate managers, high-quality offers
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

YeahMobi website homepage



Mobvista new

Mobvista is a mobile advertising and game publishing company, founded by Robin Duan in March, 2013 in Hong Kong, China. The company’s M System platform allows app developers to build their own custom monetization system, with custom ad format and launch campaigns from third party networks. The platform allows to set up offers from direct advertisers with specific ad formats, billing type, frequency cap. One of the Mobvista competitive advantages is the ability to host and serve ads to own apps using own inventory.

  • Tag line: One-Stop Solution For You To Maximize Traffic Monetization
  • Key features: M System monetization system builder, highest CR & EPC in the industry, Exclusive Discounts from Rich Traffic Resources
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

How to Monetize your Android Apps?


MobFox is a mobile advertising company, founded by Julian Zehetmayr and Maximilian Springer in 2010 in Vienna, Austria. The company’s app monetization solution features MobFox RTB Exchange that connects app developers with more than 100 demand partners. MobFox Publisher platform helps to monetize 25,000 both iOS and Android apps combined, its mediation platform connects over 30 ad networks into a single SDK. It analyzes all ad networks to reveal the one that pays the most for an ad impression and shows an ad specifically for this particular network. Its iOS & Android SDK supports all ad formats, such as Banner Ads, Full Screen Interstitials, Video, and Native Ads.

  • Tag line: Open Mobile Advertising Platform
  • Key features: open source SDK, banner, video & native ad formats support, 30+ ad networks integrated, RTB Exchange
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Windows Phone

MobFox homepage


Avazu mobile LOGO

Avazu is an online advertising and digital marketing company, founded by Yi Shi in October, 2009 in Shanghai, China. It features the Private Exchange platform for publishers to convert global mobile and web traffic into revenue. It operates in 135 countries and supports CPM & CPA & CPI bidding model. The sophisticated reporting system provides reports about ads performance with detailed information about mobile operators, operating systems, browsers, brands of smartphone and more.

  • Tag line: A Leading Advertising Platform with Global Coverage
  • Key features: weekly payouts, one-to-one online support, Native Display Ads
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Avazu Mobile DSP




Epom is an ad serving and monetization company, founded by Anton Ruin in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. The company’s Real-Time Bidding marketplace connects in-app ad publishers with a wide range of premium advertisers and provide high eCPM rates and ads relevant to their apps audience across mobile and desktop. The company provides monthly payouts via PayPal, wire transfer or by cheque, the minimal payout is $100. The Publishers’ Analytics dashboard brings inventory monetization results monitoring in real time.

  • Tag line: Access Advertisers Worldwide
  • Key features: premium advertisers, Google Ad Exchange support, automatically optimized eCPM
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

EPOM Ad Server for Networks



Appia is the leading mobile app monetization and user acquisition company, founded in 2008 by Jud Bowman in Durham, US. The company app monetization potential is based on having thousands of advertisers on a global scale. Appia provides lightweight SDK, customizable App Walls, drop-in ad formats, such as banners, interstitials and App Walls to target users by location with multilingual description support. Having top brands and agencies on board allows Appia to provide quality content. To secure superior user experience Appia non-incentivized business model guarantees that only the most relevant ads are displayed on developers apps.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Revenue Potential
  • Key features: lightweight SDK, customizable App Walls, proactive support, any third-party ad server support
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Appia Website Homepage




Vungle is a video ads-serving company, founded by Jack Smith and Zain Jaffer in 2011 in San Francisco, US. The app monetization solution from Vungle is based on 100% full-screen, high-quality video ads and flexible placement system to attract up to 100% completion rates and therefore to increase publishers revenue. The company’s SDK supports all three major mobile platforms – iOS, Android and Windows 10 to provide a one-stop-shop experience for publishers and maximize their in-app revenue with high-performance ads. Vungle offers the following placements options – Skippable and non-skippable interstitials, Opt-in ads and Storefront.

  • Tag line: Making Video Ads Personal
  • Key features: high global fill rate, engaging user experience
  • Mobile platforms & plugins: iOS, Android, Unity, Corona, Cocos2d-x, AbobeAIR

Vungle Publisher Success Stories



CPALead is mobile & web affiliate network company, founded in 2006 in Las Vegas, US. App owners can monetize their apps by picking up CPI and CPA offers from more than 1,000 offer pool, by searching for specific country and vertical. The company’s reward program is based on reward points publishers earn in addition to their earnings. Earned points result into gifts like iPads, Xbox One’s, PS4’s and even vacation 5 Star VIP trip for 2 to Sunny Las Vegas ad publishers may get. To date CPAlead has more than 300,000 registered affiliates and has paid out more than $100,000000 in cash.

  • Tag line: Monetizing Traffic Since 2006
  • Key features: 1,000+ CPI and CPA offers, rewards system, wide geo location coverage
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Web.

Introducing CPAlead


Adatha logo

ADATHA is the ad network company, founded in 2014 in Madurai, India. The company’s app monetization platform features sophisticated CPI, CPC bidding support and CPA partnerships with mobile publishers. To help app developers monetize their apps ADATHA provides the following marketing channels – Paid Search, Social Media, Video Promotion, App Discovery, Ad-Icons, E-mail, App Review, In-App Display Advertising, and Virtual Currency.

  • Tag line: We Locate And Attract The Right Users For Your Campaigns
  • Key features:
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

ADATHA website homepage


Performance Revenues


Performance Revenues is a performance based mobile affiliate network company, founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Oded Former.  The company’s app monetization capabilities are driven by its commitment to supply publishers with the best offers, reliable tracking and up to 100% fill rate, as well as professional support a by a dedicated manager. Performance Revenues is the leader at monetizing mobile casino, gambling for both real and virtual currency games. It supports all major bidding systems – CPA/CPL/CPM/CPC.

Tag line:

  • Key features: 99% fill rate, 12 years on the market, real currency gambling games support
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Performance Revenues website home page




Matomy Media Group is a global and multichannel performance-based advertising solutions company, founded by Adi Orzel in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2007.  Matomy offers performance and premium inventory monetization with easy-to-use self-serve marketplace, which features fixed CPM rates, advanced bookings, programmatic and revenue share models. The company’s app monetization platform providers multiple channels for app owners to capitalize more on their apps, namely – display, mobile, video, email, incentivized and domain parking.

  • Tag line: Monetize Across Devices Across the World
  • Key features: 500+ demand partners globally, tags & programmatic ad selling, 6,000+ web and mobile offers globally
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Meet Matomy Media Group 2014


Affle big

Affle is Singapore headquartered company that offers Mobile Apps and Ads as a Service (MAAS) platform for marketers and publishers. Founded in 2006 Anuj KumarAnuj Khanna Sohum and the group of  the entrepreneurs in Singapore. The app monetization capabilities of the platform presented by Mobile Audience As a Service (“MAAS”) platform. The platform efficiency is fueled by providing publishers with Integrated Premium Direct, Private Exchange and Programmatic Demand tools. Precise targeting and great yield is secured by having more than 500M profiled app users, audience intelligence derived from unique intent insights from behavioral signals, attribution and commerce data.

  • Tag line: Mobilize Your Marketplace
  • Key features: access to instant demand, private exchange, direct buys and RTB, rich media and video, App Wall
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Affle – Mobile Audience as a Service Platform



Avocarrot is a native mobile advertising platform which provides real rewards on mobile apps, founded by Conno ChristouGeorge MakkoulisGeorge Eracleous and Pana Papageorgiou in London, UK in 2012. Its app monetization solution is solely based on native ads format, with SDK that is in full compliance with the latest Google Play and Apple Store policies. Avocarrot’s proprietary Morpheus tool allows app developers to convert regular banners into native ads and on scale. The company supports recently  OpenRTB 2.3 standard, released  by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

  • Tag line: Increase App Revenue with Native Ads
  • Key features: banner-native ad conversion tool,
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Unity

5 Ways To Improve App Revenue Using Native Stream Ads [Webcast Recording]



ClicksMob is a mobile performance company, founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, US. App developers and media buyers can establish a new revenue stream with their apps using ClicksMob monetization solution. It offers over 200 campaigns with more than 500 offers for each major OS and geo location to choose from, with sophisticated reporting, 24/7 customer support with professional dedicated account managers. ClicksMob serves ads in more than 150 countries.

  • Tag line: High Quality. High Volume. Only Mobile. Only Performance.
  • Key features: 150 geo location support, 500 offers per OS and location, dedicated account managers
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and featured phone OS

ClicksMob Introduction



AppNext is a mobile app discovery company with a platform that operates on a self-serve CPI bidding basis. It was founded in 2012 by Elad Nantason. The company’s app monetization solution allows app developers, website owners and media partners to profit on their inventory. By joining the platform, every publisher becomes a member of the Appnext Developers’ Community and enables top app brands and fellow-developers to bid directly for his intentory. The monetization platform users can either use native ads and integrate app recommendation sections seamlessly within the app, or use our top-performing predefined ad units.

  • Tag line: Monetize Smartly
  • Key features: native ads, interstitials, App Walls, video ads
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Unity, Adobe Air, Marmalade, Phonegap, basic4android, and Corona Labs

Adding an app to Appnext

mobileCore is a mobile ad platform, launched by ironSource in 2012. The company’s app monetization platform leverages its parent company knowledge of how to serve most relevant ads to the right people at the right time and it’s backed up by over 2.5 billion installs generated to date. mobileCore focuses on using native ads that allow app developers to integrate ads into their apps, without compromising their users experience. In particular, the company features internally developed Stickeez native ads. The platform inventory control tools allows publishers to block their competitors, assign maturity levels, set ad triggers, timing, and more. All controls can be assigned manually or via automated detection mechanisms.

  • Tag line: Turning great apps into scalable businesses
  • Key features: ads maturity levels, Stickeez proprietary ad format, competitors blocking feature
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android, Unity, Adobe Air, PhoneGap, B4A, Corona Labs

mobileCore website homepage



Startup is a mobile advertising company, founded by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan in December, 2010 in New York, US. The company’s app monetization solution drives revenue for more than 100k apps. Among all ads formats the platform supports, Interstitial is the one that performs the best and delivers CTR equal 10% and higher, other formats include App Walls and native ads. The integration options include classic SDK, S2S, C2S, JS Tags and more.

  • Tag line: Higher eCPMs Don’t Just Happen
  • Key features: interstitial CTR=10% and up,
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Marmalade and Unity

StartApp Smart Targeting


NativeX Big Version

NativeX is the leading mobile game advertising company, founded by Robert WeberRyan Weber and Aaron Weber   in 2000 in Sartell, US. It provides app monetization solution with features like smart data technology to optimize ad placements, ad formats and incentives with no SDK update needed and all changes go live immediately. Any app monetization updates can be made anytime, without re-coding and resubmitting an app. All ad placements can be turn of and off via browser dashboard by publishers at any time. By applying sophisticated mathematical and statistical models, NativeX selects the most relevant ad, format, placement and moment for each specific user, which leads to an average ad revenue increase of 60-70% for our publishers.

  • Tag line: Grow Native!
  • Key features: 100 grossing app developers, native ad formats, on-fly ad placements on / off
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Predictive Analytics Ad Selection Technology by NativeX


Applovin is a marketing automation and analytics company, founded by Adam Foroughi and Andrew Karam in San Francisco, US. Thanks to establishing long-term relationships with hundreds of top brands, the company is capable to deliver ad serving at s massive scale and send payouts twice a month. It supports all of the major ad formats – video, native, interstitial, and banner, provides 24/7 end-to-end support. Applovin’s SDK is lighweighted and can be added to an app in minutes. The system’s reporting dashboard delivers a quick, fast read of your top-line results.

  • Tag line: Our Technology Delivers Higher Ad Revenues
  • Key features: native ads, interstitials, video ads, real time results reporting
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon

AppLovin – The Fastest Growing Mobile Advertising Company


InMobi is a mobile advertising platform, founded by Naveen TewariAmit GuptaAbhay Singhal and Mohit Saxena in San Francisco, US. InMobi’s app monetization solution is presented with Miip – InMobi Discovery Platform, to deliver customized user experiences for publishers apps. The solution provides developers with four formats – native, interstitial, rewarded video and banner. It provides ad placement zones that are welcomed by gamers, brings contextually relevant discovery experience, that is welcomed by Social and Messaging apps users, delivers uninterrupted reading experience for News apps users and catches user attention at the right moments with Entertainment apps users.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your App Monetization
  • Key features: Miip discover platform
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

The InMobi Story



Supersonic is a mobile advertising and monetization technology company, founded  by Arik Czerniak and Gil Shaham in 2009 in San Bruno, US. Publishers can monetize their apps using the single SDK for Video, full-screen Interstitial, Offerwall and Mediation. The company’s supply side platform offers publishers HD-quality video ads from top brands, premium eCPM and high fill rate. The company works with fortune 500 brands, as well as the world’s largest app developers from our global offices in the US, Europe and Asia.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Ad Revenue
  • Key features: lightweight SDK, opt-in HD video ads, video mediation
  • Mobile platforms: iOS Android, Unity, Adobe Air

Supersonic homepage




Pubnative is a mobile publishing company, founded by Ionut Ciobotaru and Eddie de Guia in Berlin, Germany in 2014. Its app monetization solution is focused on a native advertising format and features blacklisting and whitelisting of advertisers by category and campaign, full performance transparency, cross promotion and direct deals management. Publishers can easily customize their dashboard, take advantage of its sophisticated performance tracking and reporting flexibility. The company’s PubNative Exchange platform features 90%+ fill rate, IAB’s OpenRTB v2.2+ Protocol native specifications support, mobile native adaptor for all types of demand sources, hundreds of RTB-enabled exchanges and ad networks mediation.

  • Tag line: Growing Mobile Revenue with Native Ads
  • Key features: IAB’s OpenRTB v2.2+ Protocol support, 90%+ fill rate
  • Mobile platforms: iOS Android

Ionut Ciobotaru – Co Founder, PubNative

Cheetah Ad Platform


Cheetah Ad Platform is a mobile advertising company, founded in 2007 in Paris, France. It provides app monetization solution that delivers global reach with 440 monthly active mobile users, dynamic targeting, ROI-optimization, as well as campaign strategy, marketing support and technical support. The set of ad formats consists of native, in-stream, interstitial, in-banner and video. Cheetah Ad Platform stores over a billion mobile users’ anonymous behavioral profiles that publishers can leverage to monetize on their apps more efficiently.

  • Tag line: Mobile Audiences, Data Intelligence
  • Key features: global reach, 440M+ million mobile MAUs, second largest developer on Google Play
  • Mobile platforms: iOS Android

Cheetah Ad Platform Introduction


Instal is a mobile user acquisition company, founded by Alessandro Sordi and Filippo Satolli in 2013 in Florence, Italy. The company’s app monetization solution allows publishers to leverage top advertisers offers from all over the globe. The platform features 100% fill rate, multiple integration options (SDK, API, Postback URL and more), dedicated account managers, revenues optimization and fast payments. Instal app monetization solution offers an extra bonus of up to 20% of publishers earnings.

  • Tag line: Maximize your audience potential
  • Key features: 100% fill rate, worldwide coverage
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

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Tapcore is an Android app monetization company, founded in 2015. It offers a unique solution for Android developers to monazite on pirated copies of their apps. The platform is capable to bring developers from $0.30 to $0.50 per a pirated copy. Tapcore offers flexible payment schedule with payouts on a weekly, bi-weekly and weekly basis.

  • Tag line: Earn on Your Android App’s Pirated Installs
  • Key features: Android apps pirated copy monetization
  • Mobile platforms: Android native, Unity 3D, Adobe Air

Tapcore – earn on your app’s pirate installs



AerServ is a free mobile SSP and monetization, founded in 2012 in Newport Beach, US. The company’s monetization platform features AerServ Mediation and aerMarket Ad Exchange. The mediation solution offers publishers video ads format that is capable to bring CPM 10x of what banner ad can deliver, full control of advertising partners to identify high and low performing ones quickly and efficiently. A single aerWall SDK allows to manage multiple ad units, such as banners, MRAID, videos, or static interstitials.

  • Tag line: Maximize Your Mobile Revenue
  • Key features: 35 sources, AerWall, AerVideo, AerBanner ad formats
  • Mobile platforms: Android native, Unity 3D, Adobe Air

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Adscend Media


Adscend Media is a web and mobile monetization company, founded in 2009 by Fehzan Ali and Jeremy Bash in Dallas, US. The company offers publishers two major monetization solutions – AdLock® and AdWall technologies. Mobile Video Locker solution is one of the AdLock® tech. family, it allows publishers to monetize on high-quality video content from branded mobile apps. With AdWall tech, publishers can increase daily user activity and generate more revenue from apps.

  • Tag line: Monetization solutions that work
  • Key features: AdLock® and AdWall techs, up to $90 eCPM, 180+ countries coverage
  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS

Adscend Media homepage




Kimia (from Arabic Al-Kimia – the alleged ability to  turn common metals into gold) is a digital performance marketing company, founded  by Karel de Beule in Madrid, Spain in 2006. The key element of the company’s monetization solution is Kimia Perform-Market, only 20% of all campaigns submitted by advertisers are actually being published, after thorough check on performance and competitiveness. The market covers all geo locations and mobile traffic segments.

  • Tag line: We make more money. We deliver better results.
  • Key features: campaigns performance testing, automatic server-to-server callback
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android

Kimia homepage




PropellerAds media is an online advertising company, founded in 2011. The app monetization solution from PropellerAds features automatic ad campaign optimization by country and source, handles more than 3,000 active ad campaigns worldwide. The professional support teams monitors all offers to exclude unsafe and suspicious advertisers. PropellerAds provides real-time reporting and in-time payouts on the net 15 basis.

  • Tag line: Professional Media Solutions
  • Key features: 3,000+ active ad campaigns worldwide, unsafe traffic manual check, real-time reporting
  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Web.

PropellerAds media website home page




Payability is a velocity capital company, founded in 2011 by Keith Smith and Scott Lynn in New York, US. Its core value proposition to help businesses to growth their business faster. It enables publishers and app developers to be paid faster on a daily or weekly basis. The company’s platform is integrated with the leading ad networks and app stores, so it’s capable to do payouts based on the earnings app developers and publishers report. Payments are automatically deposited into developers bank account on a schedule that they select – daily, weekly or NET 0.

  • Tag line: We Provide Velocity Capital So You Can Accelerate Your Business Growth.
  • Key features: daily or weekly app store earnings payouts
  • Mobile platforms: iOS and Android

Final Thoughts

Chances are you’re reading this post because your company is on a quest to find a better way to monetize your app. And even though to find the right app monetization partner company is important, the app itself is no less crucial. Factors like how often people use your app and what is an average session duration  do influence the app’s monetization potential. If people use your app rarely, they simply don’t have a chance to see ads, you’re placing in to make a profit on.

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