The Story of Echo 226 Security Rules Feature

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Partner Post - Echo 226 Raising the bar on performance tracking

Posted: June 20, 2017

By Ravit Bar-On, Vice President of Clients at Edge 226.

Imagine an affiliate platform in which you have time to focus on growing your business rather than fighting scrubs from advertisers due to affiliates’ fraud. A place where, instead of waiting until the end of the month for the advertiser’s final tally, you can manage and control it on your side in real time. In other words, imagine having the ability to proactively prevent fraud from infecting your network.
This is what we do! With Echo by Edge 226, you can focus on helping your clients achieve their business goals, and leave the fraud frustration to others.
How does it work? This is the story behind Echo’s Security Rules feature. While designing our solution, this is how we imagined a platform to perform.

Step 1 – Advertiser KPI Management

When launching a partnership with an advertiser, you need to make sure you fully understand their business goals, and use our tracking tools to both meet and exceed them.
As you define the pixel events that indicate a conversion has occurred, in accordance with the advertiser’s KPIs, you also have the option to check their quality. Echo has fully integrated the leading security companies – 24metrics, Protected Media and Fraudlogix – into the platform, so that you can take advantage of their services by simply checking a box. You’re free to use any or all of them on an advertiser-by-advertiser, campaign-by-campaign and event-by-event basis.
These security partners will evaluate each conversion and assign it a high, medium or low risk rating, in real time.

Next Up – Rule Out Fraud

Once you’ve picked your security check preferences per event, pre-define rules as to how to treat the conversion based on the security rating received. You can decide how to handle the conversions detected by the providers and marked within the platform as high, medium or low risk.
When we say that you can decide what to do, we actually mean that you can decide what the platform will do for you. For instance, Echo can classify a conversion as approved, pending or rejected based on your rules pertaining to security status (e.g. automatically reject conversions labeled High Risk, and send Medium Risk ones to pending). Echo is the only solution in the market that provides this feature. By doing so, it lets you gain full control of your conversion delivery.
Remember the imagine part above? So imagine that you go home for the weekend, fully confident that your rules will verify your activity is safe, and any questionable conversions will remain pending until you get the time to explore.
Get back from the weekend and then check out those pending conversions in a more detailed way before making the final call. Have a look at the specific reasons associated with each risk level indication. Done? Use our Adjustment Tool to update any conversion status when appropriate.

Manage Your Relationships by Means of Technology

One more thing I must emphasize. By working with Echo, you will not only mitigate fraudulent behavior, but your partners will know that you can be relied on. Not only that the advertisers will be calm as to working with you, it will be well known that once a network uses Echo as a platform, fraudulent activity is simply a waste of time.
And you? You will have time to grow your business rather than constantly manage risk manually.

At the End of the Day

When designing Echo, we had a vision of networks taking initiative, of automation, of high end & cutting-edge quality. The Echo story is about providing networks with the most accurate tool to manage their precise business needs. To, by the use of technology, achieve their business goals.

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