Snapchat infuriates users with app redesign

Snapchat’s big app redesign has led to user outrage as many have resorted to leaving negative reviews on app stores.
According to data by Sensor Tower, 83% of reviews concerning the update were negative. A mere 17% of reviews reached five stars, favouring the redesign of the popular teen messaging app.
The problem most users are having with the update are the Stories which are now placed between private messages. Stories can include ads which is only adding fuel to the fire for most users. In addition, Stories from followers are now randomly scattered across the inbox, whilst those from non-followers have been placed on the side into a different section of the app.
The main keywords of the negative reviews included “new update”, “Stories” and “please fix”.
Snap instantly deployed a customer services team to respond to the reviews. Although the update is not reversible, the team has been trying to explain the new design to confused users.
The app redesign was touted as a chance for the company to revive its meagre revenue results.
Instead, the reviews are coming at a particularly bad time for the company. Following a report by The Daily Beast that Snapchat had seen virtually no engagement growth across its Discover publisher platform, the redesign was hoped to boost conversation on Discover. Instead, the section has been split from the main messaging section altogether.
User growth has been rather slow, at just 7%. Meanwhile, daily snaps are increasing at a much faster rate with 34 snaps daily. However, they are difficult to monetize.
Snapchat responded to the criticism by saying:
“Updates as big as this one can take a little getting used to, but we hope the community will enjoy it once they settle in.”
Whilst this is true, part of the problem with Snap’s revamp is that it doesn’t really offer anything new.

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