Snapchat bolsters location-based advertising targeting through new tools in Ads Manager

Anne Freier | March 23, 2018

Mobile Advertising

Snapchat has expanded its suite of location targeting features for advertisers by adding a new location Ads Manager toolbar. The company says that the addition should offer more specific targeting information when trying to reach a specific type of user through Snap Ads.
Snap added Radius Targeting – a feature that lets advertisers target Snap Ads and filters at certain locations such as retail locations, restaurants or universities. There is no limitation as to the size of the advertising client, which means even smaller advertisers can make use of the new tools.
Qasim Mian, User Acquisition Manager at Hopper, a travel planning website, said:

“Snapchat radius targeting has allowed us to reach the most relevant audience with the most relevant deal. This is a perfect match of targeting and creative that cut our CPIs in half, and bumped our booking rate on Snapchat to 4 times what it is on other paid social platforms. With this consistently strong performance, we’ve confidently scaled our investment in Snapchat by 5 times and made it one of our primary acquisition channels.”

In addition, the company also added Location Categories. These let advertisers reach audiences based on the type of location they are in based on categories such as college, stadium and arenas, restaurants, hair salons etc. However, the option is limited to the US right now. Snap plans to roll it out across the UK later this year.
Location Categories mean that advertisers could directly reach Snapchatters at the beach or those currently viewing a movie.
The new targeting features are now part of the self-serve Ads Manager on Snapchat.

Snap also recently launched a beta version of a Foot Traffic Insights tool that monitors in-store traffic from Snapchat users. It will be available to select brick-and-mortar retailers for starters. It’s a free tool and does not depend on ad spend, which is good news for advertisers small and large.