Shoppers are torn between mobile and in-store holiday shopping plans

Anne Freier | September 5, 2019

Mobile Advertising

According to a survey of 2,500 shoppers in the US, UK, France and Germany, a majority of them plan to do their holiday shopping for gifts in-store. However, when Bazaarvoice examined the data from retailers and brands it found that 67% of online shopping traffic was coming from mobile devices in Europe and 59% in the US.

In the survey, just 5% of consumers said they planned to shop for most of their gifts via mobile. So what gives? Could it be true that shoppers aren’t actually aware of how much they shop online?

“More and more we’re seeing consumers rely on mobile to verify products they’re considering in-store. With the majority of shoppers around the world (63%) stating they will complete the bulk of their holiday purchases online, digital marketers must interrogate any assumptions they’ve made about the online path to purchase,” said Sophie Light-Wilkinson, VP Marketing EMEA at Bazaarvoice.

In the UK, around a third of consumers plan to complete the majority of their holiday shopping in physical stores, with Debenhams and John Lewis (30%) ranking as their favourite destinations.

Meanwhile, four in five UK consumers purchase gifts on sales days. Although long check-out lines (68%) and overcrowded stores (59%) are a turn-off for shopping in-store on major sales days.

Another 29% of UK customers will shop on Prime Day.

When shoppers were asked about how brands could improve the shopping experience during the holiday season, UK respondents said they would like to see convenience improved (61%). That includes self-checkouts and options to buy online and pick up in-store. Faster shopping was a factor for 56% of respondents.

Amazon is the most common destination for shoppers to buy holiday gifts (49%).

“At a time where authenticity is being called into question across the entire ecommerce space, it’s a crucial area for brands to develop real differentiation”, added Sophie Light-Wilkinson. “Whether online or in-store, consumers have come to expect real customer content, including photos, reviews, and answers from shoppers like them, at every step of the shopping journey. In our annual client survey, more than half of respondents say consumer reviews drive in-store sales and increase brand loyalty.”

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