Oath partners with Samsung for better content and mobile advertising opportunities

Oath, the mobile and digital advertising arm owned by Verizon Communications, has just announced a partnership with Samsung Galaxy to deliver content through the Bixby Home service.
Simply put, the Oath mobile apps and native ads available through Yahoo Gemini can now be distributed through Galaxy devices with Bixby.
Together, the companies are able to address premium content and advertising needs by both consumers and clients.
Oath will distribute mobile content and ads to millions of Samsung devices in the US and global markets. The company is a US premier partner for Bixby Home. The partnership is planned to be expanded to other markets globally later this year.
According to Oath, the content has been custom designed with Samsung to ensure a smooth consumer experience for an enhanced mobile engagement.
Samsung customers will be able to enjoy content from Yahoo Sports, Newsroom, Yahoo Finance and Verizon’s Go90.

“Our advertiser and publisher partners will benefit from Oath’s increased mobile visibility thanks to Samsung to build content partner brands around the world,” said Dave Bottoms, VP of product management at Oath.
“With Oath’s top apps on millions of Samsung devices, this will significantly expand our high-quality, mobile native ad inventory, available exclusively through Oath. Oath is committed to world-class partnerships like Samsung that transform the mobile experience. This deal demonstrates Oath’s ability to transform its established house of brands to be mobile-best, backed by the power of Verizon and a partnership with the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer,” he added.