Native X claims first deep-linking in-app purchase ad format

Mobile game ad company NativeX is launching what it says is the first deep linking mobile ad format for in-app purchases on mobile games.
The new format gives players two options when it appears. The first lets players click and be taken directly to a mobile game’s in-app purchase store to buy premium content. The second option is basically an incentivised ad, prompting users to engage with an advertising message in order to receive in-game currency.
NativeX says this dual purpose allows for more strategic placements, for instance triggering the ad when players have died multiple times and need a certain item, or when they’re broke and want in-game currency.
As anyone who follows freemium gaming knows, most titles earn their revenue from a minority of high-spending players, while the majority of the userbase often ignores in-app purchases altogether. So developers will certainly be interested in any tool that can convince a wider spread of gamers to splurge money on a fancy virtual hat, or some other nonsense.
NativeX’s co-founder Robert Weber said:

“Across all forms of media – television, print, radio, Web, and mobile – either advertisers or consumers pay for content. We are confident this new format will not only drive more consumer revenue, but will enable developers to treat each player individually, whether they are customers who pay or non-paying players who prefer an ad-sponsored experience.”

NativeX’s announcement is also notable for its deep linking. We’re hearing more and more about the benefits of deep linking ads when it comes to re-engaging an app’s latent userbase. Indeed, this was a major theme of last month’s App Promotion Summit in London. So expect more deep-linking ad announcements to come.
For more information on NativeX and its new in-app purchase format check out the website.

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