Most marketers do not believe their ad technology vendors are transparent enough

Half of marketers consider it an ethical responsibility by technology companies to ensure transparency for clients and consumers, according to a new survey by advertising tech company Iotec first reported by Mobile Marketing Magazine.
The survey was conducted by OnePoll among 750 marketers across the UK, France and Germany. Broken down by country, 56% of UK marketers compared to 65% of marketers in Germany and 31% in France agreed on ethical responsibilities for tech companies.
Meanwhile, 60% of French and 54% of UK marketers consider there to be a need for a set of ethical standards to be proposed, compared to just 29% in Germany.
Marketers aren’t afraid to switch advertising technology partners either, with 83% of French, 81% of UK and 69% of Germany marketers happy to swap to a more ethical ad tech provider.
The major concerns over transparency include the use of data, media placements, pricing as well as margins for most marketers. UK marketers are also worried about ad optimisation.
Furthermore, 42% of German, 56% of UK and 60% of French marketers think their current providers are transparent enough.
Paul Wright, CEO of Iotec, said:

“We are seeing continued disruption this year in all areas of marketing, and transparency continues to be a key driver of this change. Therefore, it’s now time for the industry to reinvent the advertising model around transparent and ethically driven business practices.”

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