Marchex partners with Adobe Media Optimizer to provide keyword attribution for paid mobile ad calls

Enterprise search marketers rely on inbound calls to help them drive sales, but their efforts aren’t always rewarded with a solid return on ad spend. Now, mobile ad analytics firm, Marchex, has partnered with Adobe Media Optimizer to deliver 100% unlimited keyword attribution for calls placed from paid search ads.
Marchex partners with Adobe Media Optimizer
Through the integration, Marchex Search Analytics now feed automated insights on each phone call into Adobe Media Optimizer for each keyword. Analytics include call outcomes as well as Interactive Voice Response inputs, which enable marketers to automate paid search bidding and allocate budgets towards such keywords that drive the highest amount of sales.
Drew Landmeier, Senior VP and Chief marketing officer for VITAS, says:
drew landmeier

“Receiving and tracking all phone calls from patients and families considering hospice care is integral to our marketing efforts. The Marchex and Adobe integration provides us valuable search insights in one platform. With full keyword-level call attribution from all calls, including those that originate from call extensions and call-only campaigns, we improve our ability to be smart and efficient with our search engine marketing.”

The partnership enables Adobe Media Optimizer to deliver enhanced strategic insights that link up paid search with offline sales. Ultimately, this allows advertisers to improve their ad performance for greater consumer engagement.
Nilesh Dhawale, Senior Product Manager, Marchex, adds:
nilesh dhawale

“Our integration with Adobe Media Optimizer is for enterprise marketers with massive keyword lists and complex campaign structures. For companies that rely on inbound phone calls from paid search, this partnership allows marketers to properly automate paid search bidding.”

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