Is Meta’s latest social media venture Threads more of a revelation than we thought?

Anne Freer | October 3, 2023

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Meta’s new venture, Threads, may be changing the way we think about social media. Unlike most social networks that start from scratch and grow over time, Threads quickly joined forces with Instagram’s user base, and millions signed up in just a few weeks. What’s happening in social media?

What is Threads all about?

Understanding Threads’ unique vibe is crucial for brands, publishers, and advertisers who want to succeed here. But it seems users are still figuring out what the app is all about.

According to a recent report from GWI as of August 2023, Threads has caught the attention of one in every ten internet users worldwide. Most early users seem likely to use Threads again, with about half of them very inclined to do so, which bodes well for the platform’s future.

The main reason people are signing up for Threads is its smooth integration with Instagram. Users are not only looking to connect with friends and followers but also because they have a positive view of the Instagram brand.

While Instagram initially drew people in, early Threads users are leaning towards a more “Twitter-style” information network. The big question for the platform is whether it will be more like Instagram with text or like Twitter (now X) with images. Insights suggest that a significant portion of the US user base expects Threads to resemble Twitter.

Preference for news

According to the report, Threads users are leaning towards using it in a Twitter-like manner, engaging with and retweeting news. Early users have shown a strong interest in news-related content, making it a significant segment on the platform.

Threads attracts a diverse user base, including gamers, social media enthusiasts, fashion aficionados, and tech-savvy individuals. These early users have varied interests, with some preferring an Instagram-style experience and others seeking news and information. The success of Threads hinges on whether these early adopters remain engaged and how the platform defines its identity. This presents a challenge for Meta as they strive to balance news and preserve Instagram’s aesthetics.

Threads has experienced its share of ups and downs as a relatively new platform. It initially gained popularity but saw a decrease in users due to missing features such as web accessibility. However, Meta has introduced new features like customisable notifications and chronological post-viewing. Furthermore, Meta is reportedly planning to launch a web version in the near future.

Key takeaways

  • Threads blends Instagram’s user base with Twitter-style interactions, reshaping social media
  • Early Threads users show a strong appetite for news, posing identity challenges
  • Meta’s adaptability and upcoming web version may determine Threads’ success

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