Instagram is making it harder to spread false information worldwide

Anne Freier | December 18, 2019

App Business

Instagram has announced efforts to stop the spreading of false information on its platform outside of the US as well.

Earlier this year, the popular photo app recruited third-party fact-checkers in the US to identify and review false information across the app.

These checks are now being expanded globally.

Once a fact-checker detects content that is false or partly incorrect, it is labelled and the app removes it from any hashtag or Explore sections.

Any posts that are deemed false aren’t necessarily removed from the platform, but they are labelled so users can decide whether they wish to trust certain information or not.

The effort to label false information will now be rolled out globally and across all of Instagram’s sections, including the news feed, profile, stories and direct messages.

In addition, the Facebook subsidiary will be labelling identical false posts as such.

If a user then clicks on the label they can check out a rating given by a third-party reviewer and links to credible sources that debunk the claim made in a post.

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