Google bolsters ads across Search, Discover and YouTube results

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. May 17, 2019

Google plans to feature ads across its mobile app webpage by the end of 2019, as the company is trying to find new ways to boost revenue.

Alphabet investors have grown worried about Google’s reach of online shoppers as competition from Facebook and Amazon is getting stiffer.

To begin with, it will show Gallery ads of up to eight images in search results. The Gallery ad format combines more content into a single ad across the Search result page. Google said that the format had resulted in 25% more interactions including paid clicks and swipes.

In addition, the company will be showing ads in its Discover section. According to a recent study by Google and Ipsos, 76% of consumers enjoy making unexpected discoveries when shopping and 85% take product-related action within 24 hours such as reading reviews and comparing prices.

Now, Google has added Discovery ads which will be featured not just across its Discover section, but also YouTube, Gmail and social entities.

“Discovery has created a great opportunity for us to easily drive growth at scale for our brands beyond what we thought was possible with Google,” says Daniel Pahl, VP of Media and Acquisition at TechStyle. “It’s definitely outperformed my expectations in driving high-value leads and signups. We’re now able to inspire a completely new audience to action.”

For an even smoother shopping experience on mobile, Google will also be enabling deep linking from Google Ads. In essence this should make it easier to take shoppers from Search, Display and Shopping ads to a relevant mobile app page.