Go2mobi launches mobile programmatic open API – We’ve spoken to Co-Founder Tom Desaulniers to find out what it’s all about

Anne Freier | November 11, 2016

Mobile Advertising

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Go2mobi, the self-serve mobile advertising platform announced its open API recently. Total Control is a mobile programmatic open API that links multi-level optimisation capabilities with market low minimum price entry. Indeed, the solution presents as a whole toolkit for brands to allow them to build the programmatic features they need to boost their mobile moment discovery. This stands to benefit agencies and trading desks in improving their convergence and value.
Go2mobi launches Total Control API
Source: go2mobi.com
Go2mobi’s President and Co-Founder Tom Desaulniers told us that the platform has been built in line with consumer feedback the company received with more clients wishing to have greater control over their capabilities in mobile campaigns. He says:
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“In response, we have introduced Total Control a new mobile programmatic API that we have built to drive increased levels of customisation, flexibility and transparency that is now required for success in mobile advertising.  With it, agencies can integrate their own data, algorithms, workflows, reporting interfaces and marketing strategies. This is a powerful and open mobile programmatic API that is available for any agency or brand, with direct support from Go2mobi. The Go2mobi analytics platform is our difference. Brands/agencies love it as they can get all mobile specific analysis they require.”

The API offers several benefits including low cost to entry, optimisation of each data structure, robust ad targeting, reporting and also more flexible campaign development as well as technical support from Go2mobi’s team of experts. In addition, it can help save time and costs for marketers as it removes unnecessary communication with publishers and streamlines the purchasing process. Ads can be delivered in a more impactful way, which includes refined targeting toward location, time of day, weather and other demographic data.
Desaulniers adds that some of the core challenges within mobile programmatic are “fast pivoting and hardcore optimisation”. Indeed, the majority of ad buying platforms lack the depth to make faster changes to a mobile campaign and utilise a multitude of segments for optimisation.
For Desaulniers it’s clear that some of these challenges can be overcome.

“The trend in trading desks, app developers etc. is that they want the most amount of flexibility and the choices are just beginning to materialise for them. They do not want to be constrained by the ‘basic’ reporting options in self-serve. Go2mobi took our entire tech stack and made it accessible via API. Now they can customise what they want to do after a bit of work to integrate it.  The powerful platform that they want becomes a reality.”

In testing with Helmkin Digital, a political agency, the API has proven successful. Helmkin used Total Control to select mobile campaign data for its own reporting interface to create a geo-targeted, day-parted, micro campaign that would follow their candidate’s trail in order to create buzz, drive donations and support.
Jeff Shannon, Co-founder, Helmkin, says:
jeffrey shannon

“During the US Primaries, the applications we built to leverage Go2mobi’s API saved us countless hours in reporting and campaign creation. We built a quick interface that allowed us to upload dates and locations via spreadsheet in order to create geo-targeted, day-parted campaigns for every campaign stop on the trail.”

For Go2mobi it was important to launch an open API, Desaulniers explains. This enables companies to build on top of the Go2mobi platform to customise their own mobile campaigns.

“We like to say that our Open API brings ‘programmatic to the people,” Desaulniers says. “There have been some level of mobile programmatic API platforms in the market to date, but they have been reserved only for a small collection of deep-pocketed customers. Being open simply means having the software extensions that can be easily connected with the system in place and using standards based extensions and language.”

With customisation being one of the top key words nowadays, Total Control offers a series of benefits for advertisers seeking transparency.

“‘Dream up a programmatic strategy and then execute it’, is how we try to encapsulate in a nutshell how the Total Control API works,” he adds. “For example, users can automatically break successful publisher/device combos into their own micro-campaigns when statistically significant thresholds are met or pull any level of reporting into their own centralised interface. With the API, user can also create custom simple programmatic algorithms to make whitelist, blacklist and bid adjustment rules to drive performance automatically.”

Desaulniers adds that as the market grows, Go2mobi will be expanding the features and integrations of its API, including “measurement vendors, data providers, DMPs, SSPs, dynamic creative ad servers, and other resources that brands and agencies have recognized as providing increased value within their campaigns.”
In addition, the company will be investing in its data science team to enable advertisers to automise and optimise their campaigns more effectively through inventory management and campaign performance analysis.

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