Gil Klein, CRO at Mobfox, on the Key Mobile Advertising Trends 2017

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Posted: February 1, 2017

Gil Klein joined Matomy Media Group in 2006 and currently serves as MobFox CRO. Previously he served as EVP Media for all Matomy media activity across display, video, search and social media channels. He also served as senior vice president of clients, where he oversaw all Group advertiser activities. Gil holds an MBA in International Management from the College of Management in Israel.
1. Data-Driven Audience Targeting
As technological advancements continue to surpass human intelligence, one of the main trends in mobile advertising for 2017 is the growth of data-driven, penetrative audience targeting and high-quality purchasing in programmatic transactions. More media buyers will focus on purchasing advertising that reaches specific users, enabling publishers to ensure high-quality exposure via quality viewable ads.
2. Engagement. Engagement. Engagement.
Playable and interactive ads provide a quick and quality glimpse of the advertised application, and will continue to grow in popularity. Brands will increase their adoption of native video ads, which appear unobtrusively within their placement environment, and in doing so, maximize video engagement. The videos will be personalized, based on the user’s specific properties, and depend on the application’s semantic properties.
3. Augmented Reality in Programmatic 
Another trend to pay attention to is the introduction of AR in advertising by developers attempting to connect the real and virtual environments. As more industries, such as design and tourism, engage in VR, it will become more accessible and convenient to the general public. Programmatic technology, however, still has to catch up in order to scale—so don’t hold your breath.
4. The More the Merrier
In the world of publishers and developers, there is a common assumption that in order to increase efficiency it is best to find just one advertising partner that can provide an end-to-end solution. However, we are seeing SSPs becoming more specialized in which markets, formats, or demands they support. Therefore, it is preferable to work with as many advertising partners as possible in order to maximize profits.
5. Programmatic Doesn’t Kill Creativity. 
There is a common myth in the industry that programmatic is slowly killing creativity. This is just not true. For decades, ads were a limited to print or TV and weren’t accessible to most marketers. New technology has made it possible for brands to reach audiences in new formats, publishing channels, and devices. As new types of ads are introduced into the market, expect to see new and exciting creative ways brands interact with users.
6. The Future of DSP’s 
There are thousands of DSPs operating in the mobile world. In the last two years, many of them have increasingly struggled to maintain their innovative edge and profitability. This year we will see many DSP’s acquired by ad agencies or consolidating.
7. Automation meets Localization
As our industry is enjoying the benefits of automation and the hyper-efficiency it contributes to the process, it is crucial to not ignore the importance of localization and market understanding. This is especially important in fast-growing markets such as Asia and South America. Knowing your audience will help you succeed in helping local advertisers reach their target audiences.
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