Flixel receives $2.2m in funding for cinemagraph app

Anne Freier | October 13, 2015

App Development


Cinemagraph app maker, Flixel, has secured $2.2m in funding from Extreme Venture Partners with Cranson Capital Securities as well as other angels. Cinemagraphs are still photographs with animated elements.

A Cinemagraph from the Flixel gallery

Source: flixel.com

Among Flixel’s notable partnerships this year are the Emmy’s, Facebook, Instagram, America’s Next Top Model and A&E. Flixel Studios are the company’s dedicated in-house production team to help brands with the design of their campaign. Christiaan Welzel, Creative Director, design firm Critical Mass, says:

christiaan welzel

“You can put photography [on social platforms]. That’s fine, that’ll work. But you’re in a sea of competition that gets pretty intense. That’s where cinemagraphs come into play. A moving image has power over a static image, at least in my opinion, for one thing. And when you bake in the layer of a cinemagraph, it’s hard for most people to decipher exactly what’s making it so enchanting.”

Flixel currently offers three apps, including Cinemagraph Pro for OS X for app developers and professionals, Cinemagraph Pro for iOS and Persecond, a timelapse app for OS X. In addition, the company offers monthly subscription access. The company says it plans to expand brand partnerships and its apps in the future. Philippe LeBlanc, CEO and Co-Founder, Flixel, says:

phillipe leblanc

“Over the last two years, we’ve evolved our vision for cinemagraphs from a simple mobile app to a full product suite of creative tools for professionals. It’s exciting to see the rapid adoption of Flixel among top brands and agencies and we’re confident that cinemagraphs will take their place alongside video and still photography as a premium advertising medium.”

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