Facebook confirms outage that resulted in mixing report data

Anne Freier

In App Business. September 20, 2019

Facebook has confirmed that it suffered an outage across its pixel code which left advertisers noticing some odd conversion reports with missing data or strange results.

Pixel is code that users place on their website. It collects data that helps marketers track conversions from Facebook ads. They can also build audiences for future ads and remarket ads.

Facebook said that Pixel suffered an outage that could impact standard Pixel events.

The outage occurred between September 16 to 17.

The reports this caused contain errors and could impact data from conversions, custom audiences, and dynamic ads.

It’s not entirely clear if the issue has been resolved with some marketers finding that things aren’t yet back to normal.

Andrew Foxwell, a co-founder of Foxwell Digital, told MarketingLand: “Reports are coming back in order, but not yet fully recovered. We are currently working to understand if data will back-fill into reports.”

The outage may also have impacted other Facebook performance stats.