Consumers want their loyalty programmes to be accessible via mobile apps

The majority of consumers (75%) still cite discounts and offers as their favourite rewards for loyalty programmes according to research by Hello World. Free products (77%) were rated as the top benefit among promotional practices which also included free samples (66%) and free services (57%).

However, 54% of respondents in this survey complained that earning rewards can take too long. After all, 43% sign up to loyalty programmes specifically to earn the reward.

Meanwhile, emotional loyalty now also ranks higher for customers with 60% saying that brands surprising them with offers and gifts is the most important way to interact. Over 50% of consumers also said that making the shopping process more convenient was an important measure brands could take, whilst 45% like to receive help when solving a problem.

When it comes to the technologies used, 67% of respondents would like to access their loyalty programmes on mobile apps. This is mostly due to convenience, but it highlights just how important a successful mobile strategy can be for many businesses.

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