The Cactus Road Dynamic API Keeps App Monetization Rising 

Partner Post - The Cactus Road App monetization with an advantage

Posted: January 29, 2018

If you are monetizing your app through a network, it’s no surprise to be killing it with a particular campaign one day to find your revenue plummeted the next. This can be due to a particular campaign being paused, reaching its cap, optimizing publishers, etc. App monetization is an ever-changing game due to KPI requirements, budget caps and thousands of new apps entering the market daily.

The Cactus Road makes monetization easy and agile with the releases of its dynamic API. The latest release provides publishers with up to the minute campaign launches and status changes. This enhancement from a static API, eliminates the common problem of encountering broken links that result in users not reaching the app stores due to changes in campaign status, and therefore lost revenue.

The API includes an unlimited selection of offers including proprietary and exclusive campaigns from our in-house games studio, as well as those of clients. Offers range from direct app developers to those of our partners. No matter which campaigns you choose, you’ll have full transparency of the conditions of each offer.

Campaigns are added and updated continuously each day and the platform provides real-time updates of inventory changes to keep publishers in control. In order to not miss out on the latest campaigns or changes in price, status of the offer (limited by caps, active, etc.), it’s recommended to call the system every 15 minutes.

The ability to upload campaigns in bulk eliminates the manual work and allows publishers to reach a large volume of offers efficiently while driving revenue. Don’t miss out on the most profitable campaigns for your App monetization. Test the dynamic API by The Cactus Road.