AppOnboard raises $4 million to improve mobile in-app advertising

AppOnboard raised $4 million from Troy Capital PartnersLondon Venture Partners, and others to introduce a new way to allow app users to experience the app before downloading it. Dubbed “Full Fidelity”, the mobile demos can be used for apps and games and will be used to combat mobile ad ineffectiveness.
AppOnboard has been founded by Jonathan Zweig, former Co-Founder of AdColony, who noted that in-app adverts weren’t really effective and required greater interaction to prove to advertisers who the more engaged users were.
Speaking to VentureBeat, Zweig said:

“There’s a lot of churn and money being wasted. We saw a lot of people wouldn’t even watch videos.”

The AppOnboard technology essentially allows a game or app to be re-created in a smaller format, only containing the core experience of that app. Users will then be able to participate in a tutorial. That way, app developers will be able to A/B test their tutorials before officially launching an app, which can be a costly process.
The company also provides some neat analytical features including chronological heat map analytics, which allow developers to follow the user interaction by showing where users have touched the screen. This should help developers to gain a greater insight into their audiences, but also their product.
He adds:

“As for playable ads, the problem is they sometimes don’t have a lot to do with the game themselves. They are good for measuring interactivity, but it doesn’t solve the problem of pre-qualifying users who are actually interested in your game.”

The Full Fidelity demo mode further integrates an anti-fraud feature which ensures that only real human beings are downloading an app.
The company has already trialled its product with a series of gaming companies. According to Zweig, one of their partners increased advertising spend to double their highest current ad partner.
Paul Heydon, Partner at London Venture Partners, adds:

“The playable ads category is one that LVP has seen in the past and the combination of AppOnboard’s technology, strategy, team and timing made this an ideal company to invest in right now.”

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