AppFirst announces onenterprise-focused app development offering


AppFirst has rolled-out a new version of its mobile app development platform that’s focused on providing secure cloud hosting for enterprises.

The move follows similar moves into the enterprise space by rival platforms such as Kinvey, Kony and As with its competitors, AppFirst is now offering the ability to run on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid scenarios. Many enterprises require the ability to host data on private servers in order to comply with internal, or in some cases governmental, regulations and MBaaS providers such as AppFirst are now scrambling to cater to this growing market.

AppFirst’s new offering also has a few more tricks up its sleeve, the most impressive being the a partnership with Accretive to deliver predictive analytics, which helps enterprises “expose, anticipate and intervene in IT risks across organisational silos.” The platform also offers “complete and universal timeline of events” at a “submillisecond level.”

AppFirst’s CEO David Roth said:


“AppFirst is redefining what’s possible for executives looking to optimize the technology that runs their business. And it starts with setting a single sub-millisecond timeline across the entire enterprise stack. Unless you start with perfect data, you cannot achieve true visibility. We are applying deep predictive analytics and applications on top of the most detailed data in the world. Taken together, this finally offers CIOs the ability to truly manage cost, risk and capacity without fingerpointing or guessing.”

As more and more enterprises begin to develop and run mobile apps at scale the importance of enterprise-focused dev platforms is only going to grow – IDC is predicting the app development platform market will hit $4.8 billion by 2017. The space is also ripe for consolidation and we’ve already seen a few platforms get bought-up, such as Parse, and more recently FeedHenry.

AppFirst says it will be announcing a series of enterprise-focused applications leveraging its new platform over the next few weeks. For more information head over to the AppFirst website.

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