brings new HTML5 app update feature to platform

Andy Boxall | November 9, 2015

App Development

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Mobile integration platform has made a further push for HTML5 app adoption, by making it easier for developers and publishers to update apps, without the need to wait for approval from an app store. The company claims it’s the first to offer updates like this on a cross-device mobile platform.

Using the fast update system, HTML5 apps will perform in the same way as native apps, and make it faster to develop and release them, a considerable benefit for businesses.’s platform makes it simple to build HTML5 mobile apps, and to update them without going through the app store

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Fima Katz, Appery’s CEO, said:

“Our mission is to deliver the best user experience on the market while providing a simple solution for professionals across the enterprise – from sales to IT. We are confident that our Automatic App Update capability will change how the industry views HTML5 hybrid apps moving forward. We have raised the bar in terms of performance and app distribution, establishing HTML5 hybrid apps as the leading approach for the enterprise.”

The new version of Appery’s platform also includes alterations to the API Express, helping developers integrate business systems into new apps. You can learn more about Appery by visiting the company’s website here.

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