Amazon expands live-streaming for influencers

Anne Freer | July 17, 2020


Amazon has added live-streaming to its Amazon Influencer Program to allow creatives to earn commission on product sales which are featured in their live video streams.

Previously, viewers were redirected to websites and social media channels of influencers and brands.

But the latest live-streaming integration to Amazon Live means that influencers can now increase direct sales for the marketers and brands they collaborate with. In other words, it removes a point of friction between influencer and the final point of sale.

Amazon Live is the eCommerce’s dedicated channel used by creatives and hosts to showcase their products.

Influencers simply download the Amazon Live Creator app, and then sign up to the Amazon Influencer Program.

Users who are already approved can start creating live-streams straight away.

But not any creator can sign up: Amazon typically approves users by checking out their engagement statistics on YouTube and other social channels.

The move follows Amazon’s tightening of its affiliate programme.

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